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BBQ at My House thanks to Pioneer Woman!

I hardly ever win anything.  I found $150 in a couple of books last year that I bought at the thrift store and then felt so bad about not giving the thrift the money, that I went back and bought $150 worth of stuff to make up for it.  But, win a raffle? or the lotto?  Nah. I leave that to my dad.  He’s the Lotto winner in our family as a winner of the Florida Fantasy Five last year.  (Oh, yeah! and he shared with his favorite daughters, too.)

I have been reading Ree’s blog “Pioneer Woman” for about a year now.  Our lives couldn’t be more different.  She’s married with four kids and lives on a ranch in Oklahoma.  I’m single with no children, just dogs, grew up in Florida, live in Northern Virginia (now) and have lived in Africa, China and Europe for my job.  Ree has the most wonderful sense of humor, she is a great writer, she’s smart, and lives the life of a Harlequin romance novel.  How can you not like Ree?  Another thing she does pretty regularly is give away lots of good stuff on her blog.  I have entered the giveaways and really never gave much thought to winning anything.  Ah ha! That’s until yesterday!grillsmall

On Saturday morning, I went out to shop some yard sales.  At one particularly sale, they had a small Weber grill (good used condition).  I thought to myself, “I should buy this good used grill.”  But, then said to myself, “Nah. I’m going to win the one that PW is giving away.”  Something else caught my eye at the sale, and I moved away from the grill to look at some overpriced paperbacks.

Guess what?  I checked Ree’s blog late Saturday.  I won a Weber Grill with all kinds of fun grill stuff.

Now, I need to try this out on Lotto tickets or in picking the winner at the Preakness.

BBQ at my place on July 4th.  You’re all invited.  Bring lots of steaks and booze, and whatever you do, don’t park in my neighbor’s spot, he’ll have you towed.

Thanks Ree!


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  1. Thanks for stopping over at the 7MSN. Was wondering how you might have found us, then I saw this post and figured maybe it was through a comment I left at PW’s. I’ve never met anyone who won one of her giveaways – congratulations! Maybe there’s hope for me yet.


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