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Stuff Dogs Like – Pot Holders!

potholdersYes.  It is true.  My dogs like pot holders and they are not choosy.  The like the used/dirty ones the best, probably because they smell like food! Cosmo is always sneaking them out of the laundry basket, and I find them in the strangest places.  Last week, I found two of them in my bed under the covers!

When Clover was a puppy, she would steal my pot holders, Tupperware lids, slippers, and socks. Most of the time she didn’t destroy these items like she did with everything else, but instead would bring them to me so I would throw them for her.  Tupperware lids fly pretty well (like a Frisbee) but they are hard plastic and if they hit something like a lamp or a small ceramic statute, it could get messy.  Slippers and socks were more for playing tug-o-war, but pot holders?   Oh yes!

They are used for tug, fetch a la Frisbee, and all other kinds of games that you can think up.  And, if you throw a pot holder, and hit something with it, they usually don’t do any damage. The ones that have a silver silicone backing are usually stronger and Clover and Cosmo have yet to shred one of these or pull it apart.   Some of the cheaper ones have bit the dust, but in general the pot holder stands up pretty well.

potholders made on a loom by girl scoutsWord to the wise:  Do not, under any circumstances give your dog one of those homemade kind made by Girl Scouts with one of those plastic looms.  They come apart too easily, and those little colorful bands that get woven into a useless potholder that melts with high heat, can cause gastrointestinal problems for your dog if they swallow any of those synthetic loops.

Really.  Ask Clover.

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  1. I just came home from three months on an overseas holiday and go Monday to get Tulip from her vacation home. As far as I can tell, she couldn’t care less whether she ever comes home, but I miss her — and think that I may have missed most of the spring shedding season …


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