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Cosmo – What a Nice Surprise, But We Still Have Work To Do

100_0372I have admitted before to not being terribly thorough with Cosmo’s training.  I admit it, I have tried, accomplished some things, and have not accomplished others.  One of the things that I have never been confident doing is letting Cosmo off leash in an unfenced area.  I am convinced that his recall ability is limited because a) he thinks everything is a game, 2) he turns a deaf ear to me when I try to work with him,and 3) its my fault for not working him harder.

Last week, Dave, the lawn guy, came by to cut my yard.  I unlatched the fence gate so he could get in and whack at the weeds that disguise themselves as grass in my back yard.  When he was done, I looked out and thought he had closed the gate when he was done.  About 45 minutes later, the mutts wanted to go out and I accommodated them by opening the door from the kitchen to the yard.

Cosmo headed straight for his favorite shrub, and I realized the gate door had swung open.  I nearly pannicked thinking how late I was going to be to work because Clover and I would be scouring the neighborhood for Cosmo.  I snapped my fingers at Clover and pointed to the open door to the kitchen.  She looked longingly at the open gate, but turned right around and went back inside.  I expected no less from her.

Cosmo, on the other hand, looked at the gate, turned and looked at me, and promptly sat down next to the shrub.  I grabbed his collar, told him he was a good dog, and and led him back into the kitchen where he received high praise and a really big dog biscuit.  I am very happy, and relieved to see that Cosmo has absorbed some good manners from Clover.

I still don’t trust him to be off-leash, but we’re working on it.  Now, if I could only get him to take me seriously we might actually make some real progress.


4 thoughts on “Cosmo – What a Nice Surprise, But We Still Have Work To Do

  1. Geez…for a minute there I couldn’t find the comment link…duh.

    Good for Cosmo!!He surprised you with that one…made ya proud huh?


  2. The other day my wife went out and didn’t close the front door all the way, and it swung open in the wind. When I went into the front hall later (because I heard the door banging around) I found Dennis and Trixie standing there staring out the open doorway with concerned expressions. Being foundlings, they probably weren’t too eager to go out exploring on their own again.

    (Tucker was asleep on the bed in our bedroom and had no clue that the gates of freedom had been opened.)


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