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Anyone Seen Where She Put The Other Slipper?


Clover - Age 1 - Dublin, Ireland : Surrounded By Stolen Booty



13 thoughts on “Anyone Seen Where She Put The Other Slipper?

  1. Yep…that looks like my back yard. When I’m missing something I know to take a peek out the back door. I think my daughter is still missing a slipper! LOL!


  2. Frasier takes all Maggie’s toys out to the back yard. He doesn’t play with them, he just takes them outside. Then she brings them back in again, and we start the game over. Maggie has taken dvd’s outside before, but never shoes.


    • Back in those days, she was not only stealing the, she would destroy, eat, and bury things, too!


  3. LOL…. that is too funny :-)

    I had a lab that used to do things like that. He also felt that he had an appointed mission to keep me from wearing high heels. He used to chew the heels off my heeled pumps and sandals.


  4. Oh my gosh – I have hardly any shoes left because of Maggie May’s obsession with my shoes! So this photo really causes me to relate!

    P.S. Congrats on winning the grill over at Pioneer Woman!!!


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