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2009 Yard Sale Season Is Upon Us! And I Ventured Forth Today!

I went to bed this morning at 4am and was up and out the door for some yardsales by 8 after having walked the dogs, etc. So, as you can guess I’m tired. AND it was HOT HOT HOT today! Its 7:15 pm and still 91 degrees out there.  I drove 58 miles, hit six big community-wide sales that included sales at individual homes and at a central location.  I stopped the car and got out to look around at 48 sales and drove past so many I lost track.  Toys, Toys, Toys and baby clothing everywhere.  I saw so many Graco car seats I couldn’t believe it.  It was slim pickins in the retro/vintage arena, and in most cases it looked like a TJ Maxx or Pottery Barn had exploded along with a Toys-R-Us.

All of my crap is still in the back of the truck, and I’ll unload it all later after it cools off a bit, so no photos of today’s treasures.  I mean really, I found nothing remarkable or terribly interesting today – just some good deals on some things I really wanted.

Of note, I bought:

  • 2 camera tripods – Large (New) Slik Camera Tripod : $4.00; Small table top sized (used/vg+) $1.00
  • Large Williams-Sonoma Chilly Shopping Bag (keep your groceries cold) – $1.00
  • 10 different music cd’s – $1.00 for all
  • Tall trash can for the kitchen (silver, step on the pedal to open the lid kind) New – $5
  • NWT FDNY ball cap – $1.00
  • 20 Outback Restaurant pins – $1.00
  • 2 pairs of REAL (not painted/tourist kind) of Dutch wooden shoes – 50cents each (Not Sure Yet – this may be one of those things that I end up donating to the thrift store after a whole lot of time looking at them and thinking WTH?)
  • National Audubon Society Singing Bird Wall Clock – $1 (for my dad)
  • Clear Pyrex baking dish with lid – 50 cents (me)
  • Five really pretty scarves for $1.00 each. A couple are marked YSL but I am not sure if they are for real. Will need to look up the RN number off the tag.
  • Freebies: a salad spinner, metal cookbook  stand, and a new mouse pad
  • Passed Up:  a set of six vintage Fire King Jadeite bowls for $35. I offered $15 and the lady yelled at me. Oh well.

Here are a couple of photos from this morning. Click on them for a larger view:


4 thoughts on “2009 Yard Sale Season Is Upon Us! And I Ventured Forth Today!

  1. Wow, it looks like everyone was out and about today! I made it to two sales and it seemed pretty much the same – lots of people. There were many more but I just wasn’t in the mood.


  2. this is totally my favorite time of year!

    And what is it with all the “communities” having a baby stuff EVERYWHERE?!?! Holy crap! Tell you what though, when the time comes, I’m not shopping for anything new for baby… ($6-10 outfit at Macy’s vs. $0.25 at yard sale? um, ding!)


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