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Mathematics And the Price of Pasta …. A True Story

mathematicsA couple of months ago, I was at the nearby Harris-Teeter grocery store, and found myself on the pasta/rice  aisle.  I noticed they had Barilla pasta on sale for 10 for $10, and I stepped back so a woman with an overloaded cart and a small boy of about 5 years old could pass by.  She stopped to look at the pasta too, and I asked the little boy which type of pasta was his favorite.  Cute as could be, he pipes up and says “the screwdriver kind.”  He went over to the shelf, grabbed a box of rotini and put it in my basket for me.

It was at that point when the mother, with a conspiratorial look over her left shoulder, then her right one, and in a whisper, she leaned in and said, “I don’t want to talk out of turn, but these are 10 for $10 here, but the same brand is much cheaper at the Giant grocery store.”  No kidding!  10 for $10 is a pretty good price!  She says, “The price at Giant is much better.  The same brand is only 5 for $5.”

She smiled, the kid gave me a wave, and they went along their way.  All I could think was that I hoped she wasn’t homeschooling her kid.


4 thoughts on “Mathematics And the Price of Pasta …. A True Story

  1. Let’s see … five divided by five … carry the one … that makes zero … wow, at the Giant, they’re free! Not like at the place you were shopping where they were a buck apiece.


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