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10 Honest Things About Me by Clover

187aI was tagged by Bruce at Bruce’s Paws Blog and awarded the Honest Scrap award!

This installment is brought to you by Clover.  Cosmo’s 10 will be posted later along with my 7 tags!

Ten Honest Things About Me by Clover

  1. I am a Labrador Retirever, and I was born in Dublin, Ireland
  2. I am registered with the Irish Kennel Club
  3. I hate flying.  If dogs were meant to fly, we would have wings.
  4. I really like to bark.  A lot.
  5. I once duct taped myself to the kitchen floor.  Don’t ask.
  6. Once, I stayed at a castle in Scotland where they let me sleep on the bed, drink out of a silver bowl, and where they brought me coddled eggs on a silver plate for breakfast.  Ahhh.
  7. I have swum in the Atlantic Ocean, the Irish Sea, Loch Lomond, the Indian River Lagoon, and ponds and puddles everywhere!
  8. I was a very bold puppy! My favorite chew items back then were drywall and the kitchen floor.  I’m pretty much over that.  NOT!
  9. When Cosmo came to live with us, I didn’t like him one bit.
  10. I really love my person a whole lot.  She cooks for me!

5 thoughts on “10 Honest Things About Me by Clover

  1. Oh..I bet that duct tape didn’t feel good at all…..ouch!

    BTW….I LOVED the photo you emailed me….very much!!!I’ve been a bit behind lately in responding….I’m honored you shared it with me!!


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