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Today’s Flower is a Crocus! Spring is springing forth!


Last week, I posted a photo of something … Here it is a week later.  I’m beginning to lean toward daffodils:


Today’s Flower!

15 thoughts on “Today’s Flower is a Crocus! Spring is springing forth!

  1. What a beautiful sight! I want to see crocusses and snowdrops too here in Vienna. But imagine, today we have so much snow as never before this winter!


  2. What a wonderful flower to cheer you up in a cold climate..waitng for spring!
    Thanks for sharing it with us!

    ps Love the labradors…I am missing mine…!


  3. This is beautiful! Love the light in this image.
    I’m thinking daffodils too.

    Sorry my visit is so late this week.
    I thank you much for your visit to mine.


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