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Stuff Dogs Like – Sleeping on the Bed!

dcp_0072When Clover first came to live with me almost eight years ago, she had a nice comfy bed of her own.  Yeah, well.  That didn’t last very long.  As soon as she was big enough to jump on the bed, that’s where she ended up.  Stretched across the end of the bed with her head resting on my feet.  I started out with good intentions of keeping her off the bed.

When Cosmo came to live with me three years ago, I crate trained him.  He stayed in that crate while I was at work and for the first six months, he slept there at night too.  I bought a soft-sided collapsible crate at Costco for the bedroom so he could sleep in my room, but be contained in one safe spot.  All was well in my world.  Clover on the end of the bed.  Cosmo in his crate. But then, I got soft and wimped out.  I fell off the dog rules bandwagon.  I failed.   I let Cosmo out of the crate at night so he didn’t feel left out.  As if.

Fast forward to today.  I have a puffy floor pillow for one of the dogs in my bedroom.  I have one closet in my bedroom specifically arranged (without clothing) for Clover in case she needs to hide from the Bogey Man.  There is another dog pillow bed on the floor in the living room, and two of the plastic-molded dog beds in the tv room.  The dogs must be comfortable after all.

There is a strange hierarchy thing going on that I noticed a while back.  If Cosmo gets on the bed first, Clover will only sleep on the floor or in the closet.  If Clover gets on the bed first Cosmo will either plop down on the floor pillow, go sleep on the bed in the guest room, or sit beside the bed and whine until I call him up on the bed.  He NEVER goes into Clover’s closet.  What I have also noticed is during the winter when the heat is turned down at bedtime, its a free-for-all to see who can get closest to me on the bed for some extra body heat.  My dogs have some stealth jumping-up on the bed properties too.  It doesn’t matter how many times I ban them from sleeping on the bed — that’s where they end up.  I try, but my will is weak, and theirs is stronger.dsc_0152

When we stay in a Hotel/Motel, I have to request a room with two beds.  One for me, and one for Clover.  Cosmo is a nervous traveler and feels better in his portable crate in the motel.  Its either lock him up, or listen to him pace all night long.

Please don’t share this picture with the nice people at the Homewood Suites Hotel in Fayetteville, North Carolina, but I figure if I have to pay an extra $10 per dog per night then we should all get a good night sleep.

There are a lot of opinions on dogs on/off the bed.  Experts abound on the internet. Good/Bad.  Yes/No.  Always/Never.  All I have to say is, make sure you keep your dog(s) Frontline applications up-to-date, or you’ll be sorry!

12 thoughts on “Stuff Dogs Like – Sleeping on the Bed!

  1. Very nice story and pictures!!
    I love Labrador Retrievers..
    They are wonderful dogs..
    Walked for many years with my neighbours dogs to the lake.
    Enjoyed their company and love.


  2. Sadie gets crated at night and I let her out at 6 AM to go potty…she crawls in bed with me after Hubby leaves for work…..usually though she sleeps while I’m on my laptop….other days when I’m having a migraine she’s just there for support. She prefers Hubby’s side of the bed…even when she’s there alone.

    She doesn’t shed…it’s my cats that leave fur behind.


  3. At least neither of your dogs insist on sleeping under the covers, like certain whippets I know. Not so much in the summer, but always in the colder months. When I first inherited him from my daughter, he insisted that I sleep on my right side, but I have broken him of that habit. I used to be a restless sleeper, but no longer.


  4. Our Black Lab also loves the bed but loves the couch just as much, late at night when he is wanting the couch all to himself, he stares longingly at you hoping to make you feel like you should let him have the couch, so what do we do, we get off and he immediately gets all sprawled out on it.


  5. I LOVE the name Clover.

    When I brought my second dog had been living on the streets when I adopted him from a rescue group. He walked into the house. Ran first to the toy basket and sniffed it. Then ran straight to the master bed, jumped up, and nestled in to the pillows. Now how does a street dog identify the master suite and why did he assume his presence there was acceptable.

    Only answer: royal blood. Gentility in the DNA.

    He’s such a bed hog, it inspired a poem:

    Contorted, twisted, eagle spread
    Bewitching, twitching, lump of lead
    My dog though small in stature be
    Takes up more space in bed than me.

    Blog on.


  6. Lovely story, great Frontline tip! Our dogs fortunately don’t climb the stairs, so the bed is for us (and two of the five cats). Once we rented a summerhouse for a weekend with all the rooms on the groundfloor. Each night it was a race: who got to the bed first. The three (!) labradors won every night. We only had to point to make them jump off again, but when we returned from brushing our teeth, yep…..three labs on the bed. Point again, off the bed. Two people in the bed, just a moment later: three labs on the bed. Two people crushed. And we didn’t want to leave them out of the bedroom, because one of the dogs was in his chew-everything-that-seems-only-slightly-chewable-fase. Well, we had a good laugh, but no good nights ;-)

    Anyway, what I stopped by for was to thank you for the shadowshotmeme-tip! Think I might join in. Seems fun.



  7. I enjoyed this post.
    I have a picture of my Loki that look like the one in this post, spread out on the bed :-). I love it when my dogs come on the bed.
    Thanks for visiting my blog. I responded to your question there :-)


  8. Our dog (shepherd/chow) mix, would love to sleep on our bed more often but she gets too hot.. living in the tropics makes a big difference. We always go “OOOH..stay here baby girl” when she slides off to sleep on the tile in the bathroom-


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