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Spring, Its Coming, Soon, Right?

Volunteer Crocuses? Daffodils? or Irises?  Not sure, but I can’t wait to see!


Today’s Flower # 27

17 thoughts on “Spring, Its Coming, Soon, Right?

  1. They are probably daffies, it’s about time for them and they look like mine. It’s too early for iris. Please post a picture later when they reveal their secret identity!


  2. I looked at my daffies and tulips that are coming up and now I don’t know if yours are daffies. They could be, mine are just barly poking through the dirt. But they could also be irises.


  3. I’d say they were daffs. They’re our national emblem, but I’ve not seen any here in Wales so far this year… I’m guessing it’s due to all this snow & frost we’ve been getting.


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