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Stuff Dogs Like – Butt Tucking! The Crazies! Zooms!

What exactly is “butt-tucking”, you ask?DCP_0113

First, not all Labs do the butt-tucking thing, and some of them tend to grow out of this funny behavior as they grow older.  Butt-tucking or “The Crazies,” or “The Zooms” as I named this wacky behavior is really quite fun to watch.  It happens when the dog kind of rounds its  hips, and “tucks” his/her behind under and runs as fast as he/she can as if the tail is doing the chasing!


One suggestion, if your Lab does the butt-tuck, get the heck out of the way!  There is no stopping a Lab in the middle of the Zooms!

Clover, now at the old age of 7, doesn’t get the Zooms all that often anymore.  She was expert at it as a puppy, and would Zoom up and down the stairs, around the garden, and behind the furniture and back up the stairs again.  Crazy is right!


Cosmo still Zooms.  He is 3 now, and his Zooms are fantastic.  I have never figured out what sets him off except he just “feels like a Zoom now.”  He will start off in the living room, head up the stairs, zoom into my bedroom and jump on the bed .. fly off the other side … back into the hallway … into the guest room … back down the stairs and around and around the living room.Camera Critters

Clover and Cosmo look so happy when they’re zooming about like nutjobs!  And, I cannot stop smiling either!  One note, it is nearly impossible to get a good Zoom photo!

28 thoughts on “Stuff Dogs Like – Butt Tucking! The Crazies! Zooms!

  1. Beagles seem to suffer from that same affliction! And sometimes the collie/shepherd/coyote will run with her, although she is more twisty.


  2. The ‘dog zoomies’ get me every time… it’s hard not to smile and laugh at the crazy eyes, goofy grin and exaggerated posturing in such an sudden burst of energy! My dogs, now 10yo an 10.5yo, have not outgrown the zoomies… I’m glad they haven’t… reminds me that we humans gotta let loose every once in awhile!


  3. Cool post! I love my Chesapeake Bay Retriever and I remember when she was a pup, doin that crazy zoom thing. Hilarious. It would be great if you could do a video of the zooms!


  4. My Bull Terriers do something like that, only they add bouncing off things like a pinball machine and spinning in circles in the midst of it. Bull Terrier owners call it a hucklebutt! Too funny.


  5. Great description of the Butt Tuckthing they do! Yep! Ours do it to! And if you’re not carefull it turns into a bowling competition (how many humans can we hit in one go!).
    Love the photos. Well done for capturing that at that speed!


  6. In Corgies, we call this “frapping”. Frap stands for “Frequent Random Acts of Play”

    It’s so silly when dogs do it! Even my 7 year old Cardi will still hop up, and frap at random!


  7. I am amazed you’ve managed to get any photos at all! They move so fast. I like the names you’ve given for it – just describes it perfectly ;) Both my dogs do it – Jessie (2 and a half) still in the house; Georgie (4 and a half and a bigger dog – Golden Retriever) waits till she’s out in the open. Then she GOES!


  8. My American Pit Bull Terrier suffers from the same affliction! We call her “mad dog” She runs full speed and when she stops she looks at me from the corner of her eyes and lets out a bark then starts again! Sometimes I just have to say “mad dog” and she does the butt tuck boogie!


  9. No one seems to know why dogs butt-tuck. What’s the origin of the behavior? It must be some sort of social signal. One would think that the butt-tuck is behavior that protects the hind end from being nipped by superior pack members. It must be some sort of bonding behavior initiated by more submissive members of the pack towards more dominant members.


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