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Up Close & Personal (My favorite!)




23 thoughts on “Up Close & Personal (My favorite!)

  1. That’s cute!
    I wish my dog would do that – she’s simply miffed when I point the camera in her direction. I think my dog should hang out with your dog :)


  2. Yeah, that’s the angle I usually wind up with of Tonka too. He’s always so curious about Dad’s funny black box!

    For all that, it’s a heartwarming image.


  3. LOL, I really love this photo!! I wish my Reba would let me take a photo of her like this one, though she seems to be camera shy which makes it hard to get good photos of her. I have to get them when she’s not aware of the camera.


  4. It’s really hard to get a truly good picture of a black lab, isn’t it? This one’s great. Mine usually look like a shiny pool of black tar — no features whatsoever. Of course, my lab is usually curled up on her bed (or mine) sleeping…


  5. how cute! me old next door neighbour has a really cute black labrador called lola and she wwas soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo adorable. Especially when she was little!!!!!


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