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Is it Dad? or the Pie?

Christmas and New Year’s with my folks in Florida has been wonderful.  For me, and my mutts.  My father actually doesn’t mind being the center of their adoring, food coveting, drooling over pie-stare-downs.


What you have here are my two Black Labs (Clover and Cosmo), my parent’s Golden Retriever (Misty) and my sister’s Shi-tzu (Keili).  Keili is a cute litting piss-pot floor pooper that is relegated to sleep in the kitchen when she’s here.  My sister says, “She’s a little dog with a little bladder.”  Hmmm.  I beg to differ, but am not about to start WWIII over her mutt’s inability to hold it until I get up at 6:00 a.m. to take the menagerie outside.

I have named this photo, “Pathetic, and More Pathetic, with Patheticker, and the Little Piss Pot.”  Oh, o.k.  She is cute!  And, she’s gone home now.

I bet my parents can’t wait to see the ass-end of me and my two loud animals, too!  Note to my mom: Clover didn’t mean to bark so much, she just can’t help it.  And, you better wash that parsley and sage and basil REALLY WELL, ’cause Cosmo has been seen lifting his leg on your herbs a couple of times this past two weeks!

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21 thoughts on “Is it Dad? or the Pie?

  1. Hahaha!!! Great picture! That’s just about what every meal looks like around here.

    If she is spayed, maybe the little piss pot needs some Proin. It is very common for bitches that are spayed (especially if young when done) to develop spay urinary incontinence. Its something you may suggest to your sister to discuss with her vet.. Honestly the dog should be able to hold it through the night.

    Happy New Year


  2. Poor little Piss Pot! (I always root for the underdog) I’m glad you warned your mom about the herbs!

    Here’s hoping 2009 is your best year ever!


  3. My pisspot only pees on the floor at my moms. So far in new house there have been no accidents. (knocking on wood right now) Oh wait she peed on my b/f patio too, thats why she is relagated outside. Shes lucky shes so ugly shes cute, and god you have to love her! The ex husband bought me the dog 8 yrs ago, he must have known lol, and i was also left with the cat who I think is seriously trying to kill me. She just waits for me to get up and then darts out under my feet RRRRRRRRRRRR IS there a conspiracy between the ex and the animals, hmm not sure. Hope everyone has a Happy New Year. And since piss pot didnt pee on NEw Years anywhere in the house, maybe this means the rest of the year will be well also. LOL.

    She’s ugly all rigt! But so ugly you can’t help but like her.


  4. ROFLMTO (Rolling On Floor Laughing My Tail Off… no, really. Go to my CC post and you’ll see I have no tail.) Yip, us dogs can be a handful at times, and what would you do woofout us? Arf, arf, arf.


  5. Oh, how I have been in that situation. My niece and nephew got so angry at our New Years Party because my pup followed them around the entire time they were eating dessert. I guess I’m a bad mommy, I can never say no to his little face! :)


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