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Happy New Year, Now Get Back to Blogging!

My sister called yesterday, not to wish me a Happy New Year, but to give me grief over not updating my blog lately.   She said she was bored and since she checks my blog every day, she was wondering if I was ever going to get back to the job at-hand.

I tried to explain,

  • I’m on vacation.  In Florida.  With the Old Folks.  You know, “OUR” parents.  They don’t have the internet, and any connection I can make is via some nice neighbor’s unprotected network.  It is not all that reliable and its slow.
  • I’ve been busy!  Shopping mostly, running around here and there with no purpose in mind.  If anyone wants to know, Macy’s has some great sales at the moment, and Dillard’s is marking down ladies clothing an additional 50% today only.  Hmmm.  Football? or Shopping?  I haven’t made up my mind yet.
  • And, last but not least, I’m just plain tired and haven’t really had much to say!

So, how’s your New Year starting off?  My mother, who is just a tad superstitious, says that you have to start off the new year exactly how you want the year to go.  For instance, if you want to be frugal and save money, then don’t spend any on New Year’s Day.  According to my mother, you should not do laundry or spend money, don’t fight with anyone, and don’t cry or you will be doing these things all year long.dogsick3

My day?  Clover was sick last night.  She threw up twice on my bed, and once in the living room.  She then proceeded to act totally insane because some neighborhood nitwits were putting off firecrackers and it was annoying her.  The upset stomach, I am sure, had everything to do with the fact that she and Cosmo were caught ripping into the trash can in the garage yesterday afternoon.  They NEVER do this at home.  Is the trash here so much better?  Whatever the draw, and whatever they ate out of the can, it didn’t sit well with either of them and I was up and down all night with sick dogs with rumbling stomachs.  I’m really hoping that my new year isn’t filled with sick dogs.

I’ve made some Hoppin’ John for later, and there’s a ham ready to go into the oven with some sweet potatoes and roasted cauliflower, and the trash can is up off the floor so the IDIOTS can’t get into it again.  There is a load of football on today, and grandma didn’t count on Macy’s and Dillard’s having such great New Year’s Sales, otherwise, spending money on New Year’s Day wouldn’t be such a big no-no!

I, on the other hand, am thinking about locking the dogs out in the yard, and going back to bed for a couple of hours.

6 thoughts on “Happy New Year, Now Get Back to Blogging!

  1. Maybe your sister would like to be a guest blog author while you’re away?! If you can talk her into that…maybe she would consider doing the same for me so I could holiday guilt free as well?
    I’m glad I don’t share your mothers new years superstition…I’d never get anything done. My years always get off on a lazy start.
    What a New Years Eve you three had…poor babies!


  2. I think your sister and my sister must talk. Because my sister gets on me if I don’t update my blog daily. I tried to tell her to get her own, but she’d rather just read mine!

    Sorry the pups had urpy tummies.

    My mother was fairly supersitious, she used to tell me similar things about New Year’s Day. I still did laundry today, shopped and went out to eat (and ate too much).


  3. I cant even get my sister to check my family blog regularly. I have to call her and remind her to check if I have something particularly good up. At least she reads it.

    Sounds like you have been a very busy lady… hopefully things will calm down and you can “get back to blogging” :wink:

    Happy New Year!


  4. That photo is wonderful — you definitely know what the problem is… What did I do on New Year’s Day? Entertained friends and played with my lab, Tulip. If only the rest of the year will be like that day, I’ll be HAPPY!!


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