Reflecting on the Past Blog Year

the-computer-demands-a-blogI got to thinking about this past year of blogging.  I started blogging back in March, and have had such a great time writing, taking photos, and discovering blogs that I visit every day.  I’ve met some really nice people and have exchanged some fun e-mails, and deleted a whole lot of insurance and porno spammers, too.  I’ve joined in some MeMe’s and been kicked out of a couple, too!  (Note to self: read the MeMe rules closely, otherwise you will be skewered, deleted, and banned.)

I have a bunch of great links in my Blogroll, and I try to visit most if not all during the week, and some of them are dailies.  So no offense to anyone over there on the right!  If you have a chance,

Check ’em out:

Erin Vey Photography — Erin is a wonderful photographer, and I love her favorite subject, Gracie (a very photogenic Great Dane).  Warning: If you visit Erin’s website .. be prepared to stay a while browsing her archives.  Such talent!

The Pioneer Woman — I mean, really, who doesn’t love Ree Drummond and her blog? I never thought I would become such a fan.  I love Ree’s sense of humor, her recipes, and her photos (oooh Cowboys!).

Dennis’ Diary of Destruction — You don’t have to be a dog lover to enjoy Jim Viscosi’s blog about living with Dennis & Tucker (Hungarian Vizlas), Trixie (hairy beast) and Trouble the Cat.  Dennis was rescued by Jim and his wife, and after getting to know them through the blog, Dennis couldn’t have found a better home.

Framed and Shot — I found this blog through another blog (as you do).  Fabulous photos, and such nice people.  This blog was instrumental in my attempting, albeit slowly, to get back into photography as a hobby.  I have received very nice and encouraging e-mails from F&S on one of my other blogs.  Can you tell I’m a fan?

Yard Sale Bloodbath — This blog is one of my favorite yardsale/thrift blogs.  I love the shots of the car trunk at the end of a full day of hitting yardsales.  There are a lot of really good yardsale bloggers out there, but this is my favorite.


7 thoughts on “Reflecting on the Past Blog Year

  1. I’ve so enjoyed your blog this past year and will certainly continue to stop by in 2009! Thanks for sharing the links…I stop by one or two myself and will pop over to the others to check them out! Take care and Happy New Year!


  2. Thanks for those great links. I am passing the doggy ones on to my friend (who has two Briards and a Mastiff) – she will love them!


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