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Camera Critters — ASPCA (short) Video on Christmas Puppies & Puppy Mill Info – Please Watch!

I found this video to be informative and inoffensive.  Please take a look.  Nothing on the video to break your heart, just to help share some facts about puppies!

Camera Critters

Here is a link to another of my posts about Christmas Puppies.


20 thoughts on “Camera Critters — ASPCA (short) Video on Christmas Puppies & Puppy Mill Info – Please Watch!

  1. I adopted my dog Max from the animal shelter and he is the best dog.He is so loyal and loving I always tell people to go to the shelter to get their pets. I have an award for you at my blog Max a dogs story.Please pick it up when you have the time.


  2. I msut admit, I didn’t watch the video. I can’t handle puppy mill videos. But, judging by the previous comments (and what I know of you, from your blog) I’m sure you deserve a “thank you” from all animal lovers.

    I heard a woman at the store yesterday complaining because her dog is growing bigger than she expected, “It’s not what I paid for”. Her friend suggested she should return the dog.



    • Hi Nicole. Thanks for your kind words! You can rest assured, there is nothing distressing on the video, just a smart argument against giving a puppy as a gift at Christmas. Diane


  3. Oh I am so glad that you spread the word that a pet is for life and not just for Christmas. I myself own the most wonderful rescue dog, whom I adopted through a finnish agency dealing with street dogs in Russia. A gigantic problem over there. They just get thrown out when the owners get tired of them. And since they are not nutered more and more are born onto the streets as well and live their lifes without proper food, medication or even shelter from the elements. Luckily there is this agency sponsoring a couple of russian dog pounds and finding the poor dogs homes in Finland.
    Very gentle and informative video. Thanks for your post.


  4. excellent and informative video. my dawg came from a breed specific rescue group. Most of those groups are organized as non-profit organizations. if you have some spare cash, they can always use the help, and it’s tax deductible!


  5. I live very near Amish territory and they are notorious for running puppy mills. It makes me ill. We rescued our Venus from one. She was bred every single time she went into heat and was treated horribly. It took us months to get her acclimated to living as a real dog and not just locked in a cage. She was afraid of everything.


  6. Thank you for linking to a good message without disturbing images. A great message, however I would encourage people to always adopt from shelters and rescues, there are so many homeless dogs that I feel even responsible breeders should think before breeding their dogs.


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