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Of Treats and Toys, Food and Fun! Update! Sharing The Wealth (and Farts) With My Friends!

Update! First, I want to thank Sofiya at K9 Chronicles and K9 Cuisine for taking a chance with such a “tell it like it is” person as myself. The box from K9 Chronicles came with dry dog food, some rawhide-type chews, two really cute dog toys and more. It was well worth over $100, and my dogs were excited to try anything new and tasty (or smelly).

Secondly, I’m pretty picky about what I feed my dogs. I have been through too many upset stomachs (barfing or diarrhea) to just introduce all of these new products at once. So, its taken me some time to get back to you all on how much “we” liked these products. A couple of the items were really too small for my large dogs (rawhide chews) and I was scared they would swallow them whole. The small dog items were shared with a neighbor.

So. Here you go. Clover and Cosmo loved the toys! The little pink plush tube-toy is adorable and they love to play with it. I’m afraid the other little toy didn’t make it a week, and Clover scared the crap out of me when she almost swallowed the detached foot of the little toy.

The Kangaroo Chews caused some major gas and severe farting. The dogs loved them. One of the bags of dry kibble (Burns Health Care) got shared with a neighbor’s dog who reportedly scarfed it up. There were some large sample bags of Orijen dry food which both of my dogs devoured. I mixed it in with their regular food to introduce it to them, and it caused no upsets at all. My neighbors reported back that the Kangaroo Chews caused them some major gas issues, too.

The one thing that the dogs absolutely loved, and which caused no digestive problems, were the Banana and Peanut Biscuits. They are very crunchy and they don’t smell, either! These, I would buy again.

I just went on the K9 Cuisine web site to look around again, and I note that there are a lot of really great products of all types available through their web site. They sell many different healthy foods, one of which I am still feeding my two (Core Wellness). If you decide to order from them, just forget the Kangaroo Chews.

A couple of weeks ago, I got an e-mail from Sofiya (K9 Amiga) at K9 Chronicles.  She is a dog lover, blogger, and just happens to work for K9Cusine. On behalf of K9Cusine, Sofiya sent me a box of dog food, treats, chews and toys.  The box came last week, and I took a couple of photos before Clover and Cosmo tore into the package and absconded with the toys.

Clover and Cosmo are getting the best of this deal.  They get to eat the treats, and the food, play with the toys, and I get to blog about it.  Hmmm.  So, I’ll be watching them closely over the next couple of weeks to make sure they’re enjoying and digesting the new food and treats without any issues.  (As if this is a new behavior on my part!)  And, anyone that knows me knows I speak my mind, so I won’t be pulling any punches.  Promise.

Here are a couple of photos of the contents of the box.  You can click on the individual photos for a larger view.


8 thoughts on “Of Treats and Toys, Food and Fun! Update! Sharing The Wealth (and Farts) With My Friends!

  1. I’m definately going to keep an eye on this blog for updates on these goodie boxes. I can imagine those doggie grins going on and on! LOL

    Welcome! and come back often. I’ll let you all know how they like the treats and the food, too. Its a given that they LOVED the toys.


  2. oh wow. those kangaroo snacks gave cody bear the tooooots. be warned…

    Thanks for the heads up. I definitely do not recommend giving these as treats when you have an empty stomach or before coffee. The smell is awful. But, the dogs seem to like them. I have only given them one a day for the last few days, and so far so good.


  3. hmmmm, cici LOVED the kangaroo sticks, no gas, no toots included… she just started hopping on one leg though :-) only kidding… she is very fussy about her treats and will not eat all and she gets upset stomachs at the drop of a hat so that’s strange… maybe it’s the breeed or it’s a mystery…


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