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Stuff Dogs Like – Gardens! Flowers! Helping the Gardener!

Poor Cosmo.  So disadvantaged.  My little back garden here in Virginia has morphed from some nice grass, a couple of tomato plants and a wood pile, to what I call the poop patch.  The “lawn” has turned to crab grass.  Did you know that no matter how many dogs you have and how much they pee on crab grass, it won’t die?  But, I digress.  Poor Cosmo because the only time he gets to play in the garden is when we go to my parents in Florida.

When Clover came to me in Ireland, I was in a very lovely house with a walled garden.  I had to do some construction on the gate so she couldn’t slip through the wrought iron bars, but all in all, we both really loved that garden.  I hired a guy to come clean out some really horrid bushes [Whole ‘nother story – I ended up finding out he was married to my second cousin! I even got the “family” discount.]  that were housing thousands of slugs and in turn, I spent a small fortune at the garden shop putting in roses and peonies, and lavender and nasturtiums, and anything else that I thought was pretty and in keeping with an English garden theme.

When Clover was very small, she loved to help in the garden by collecting up the empty plastic pots.  The bigger ones would swallow up her small head and she would run around the garden blindly!

Clover loved sniffing the flowers.  She still does.  She could be found sitting in the garden bed sniffing the roses, or inspecting the bees.  Ahh. The Bees.  They didn’t always take kindly to Clover’s big nose in their way, and she would from time-to-time come in the house yelping from a bee sting.  One time, her poor snout and eyes swelled up so badly I had to call the vet.  (Benadryl and a pack of frozen peas for her nose did the trick.)

When Clover went to stay with my parents for a while between moves and houses, she developed a penchant for eating the blooms off of the hibiscus bushes.  After sniffing them, of course.  It is not unusual when we are at my parents, for Clover to come in the house covered in yellow pollen from the hibiscus.  Her favorite place in my parents garden, is between the hibiscus bushes and the fence where my dad doesn’t mow the grass all that often.

I don’t keep houseplants, mostly because I got tired of cleaning up the mess when Herself was a puppy and so destructive.  Then Cosmo came along and I didn’t feel like giving him a target for inside relief.

These days, Clover still loves flowers.  She sniffs the dandelions, the lavender bushes, the roses, and anything else we pass on our walks.  Cosmo?  He just pee’s on them.

Here are a few pictures from the garden in Dublin (c. 2000 – 2003).  Click on the thumbnail for a larger view.

25 thoughts on “Stuff Dogs Like – Gardens! Flowers! Helping the Gardener!

  1. I came by from Shadow Shots and I’m so glad I did.

    I love big loud dogs and I love all the post I went through.

    Happy Sunday to all

    Hi Dianne! Thanks for stopping by and for your comment! This picture of Clover fits so many meme’s this week!


  2. My big dog Frasier also likes to eat hyacinth blossoms. I guess they must taste sweet to him. The bees love that plant, but the bees and the dog seem to leave each other alone so far. We’ve been working in the yard today, and Maggie beagle thinks that it’s her job to help us. She spent a lot of time sitting on the plants I was trying to relocate.


  3. Love the pics, especially the one of Clover with the flower pot!!! My backyard has morphed into a dirt patch with a small patch of grass and a pathc of dead crab grass. I stopped watering half the lawn when the crabgrass took over! I am going to try and change it around and put in some drought tolerant stuff.


  4. Thank you for leaving a comment on my Shadow Shot Sunday.

    Your stories of life with those two adorable dogs immediately brought back memories of a very happy summer in 1969, when I spent two months working on a boys’ camp in Ontario ( before returning to Australia to get married. There were two resident black labradors who ruled the island magestically. They were great characters, so thank you for bringing back so many happy memories for me.


  5. I would love to keep a helpful dog like clover along with a wonderful garden! (Lol on peeing though!)

    =) Have a nice week ahead and thanks for your comment.


  6. We had a little black dog(labrador/dalmation mix) who gave us endless hours of joy years ago. We adopted her when she was a year old and her name was Bridgette. Bridgette is still very much in my heart. Loved reading your post. It brought back a lot of good memories. Great photos!


  7. I’d love to be in your garden! such beautiful blooms! And what a cute help you’ve got there;)

    Mine is up too, HERE. If you get a chance;) Happy TF!~


  8. My pupster has always been fond of sniffing the flowers, and is always unhappy when she sees a bee at work, keeping her from being able to enjoy a sniff. So much so that I often call her Ferdinand after the bull in the children’s story. A reference that means nothing to her but amuses me. ;-)


  9. I am so enjoying your Cosmo and Clover stories. But I think my favourite is still the one about Cosmo finally swimming right at the end of your holidays!

    Love that photo with “head in the pot”.


  10. Just found your blog via the Pioneer Woman and love it. We got our chunky black lab, Tulip, from a breeder at 5 years old. She’d apparently spent her life having puppies and weighed 95 pounds! She now weighs 65 pounds, but is still food-obsessed. We have a small orchard, so she hunts apples, hoping not to bite into one that’s already being eaten by bees.


  11. Clover is such a lady! My dogs unfortunately just treat our plants as an obstacle course. Well, not really. No barrier is too big for Super-Canines! Fritz comes in smelling like our sage (salvia) bushes all the time from his constant romp through them instead of around them. I just read salvia can be a hallucinogen, so good thing he doesn’t eat them, or I’d have to dig them up!

    By the way, check out my blog when you have the time. I enjoy reading your blog, and passed an award to you in today’s post.


  12. Clover is so sweet, poor thing she gets attacked by bees. And she’s probably so happy to have a big beautiful yard in Ireland. :-D

    Nikki, my mini-pinscher, eats the leaves off our flower boxes and barfed everything up after a few minutes. :-D


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