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Stuff Dogs Like – Wagging Their Tails!

Did you hear the one about the boy afraid to pet a neighbor’s dog?  The owner says, “He’s friendly – look, he’s even wagging his tail.” The boy responds, “Yeah, but he’s barking and growling.  I don’t know which end to believe!” Ok, stupid joke!  It really is all about being able to read a … Continue reading

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No Kong? No Problem!

The other day, I could only find one of the Kong’s.  Rather, Clover could only find one, and she kept throwing it at me.  From about two feet away, she flings the darn thing at me!  I ignored her a couple of times, but her aim was getting too good.  Ok.  A little bit of … Continue reading

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Of Treats and Toys, Food and Fun! Update! Sharing The Wealth (and Farts) With My Friends!

Update! First, I want to thank Sofiya at K9 Chronicles and K9 Cuisine for taking a chance with such a “tell it like it is” person as myself. The box from K9 Chronicles came with dry dog food, some rawhide-type chews, two really cute dog toys and more. It was well worth over $100, and … Continue reading