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Wordless Wednesday Camera Critter in the Shadows – Pretty Wet Dog

Camera Critters


42 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday Camera Critter in the Shadows – Pretty Wet Dog

  1. Hi Twobarkingdogs
    Lovely photo of your gorgeous lab. How do you get your logo onto the photos? Is it a job for Photoshop? Does it take forever? Many thanks.


  2. Good looking dog there! I have a soft corner for Lab/Lab mixes. which anybody who’s visited me since I put my new header up a couple of months ago probably knows.

    And tell The Dork not to feel too bad… I don’t even know if Tonka can swim.


  3. He looks like a sweet dog.
    Gee! You could use this for the Shadow Shot Sunday meme too!

    Thanks Bobbie! I went and signed up on Shadow Shot Sunday, Too! This picture is getting a lot of exposure (oops, no pun intended), as I’ve used it in 3 meme’s this week!!


  4. Thank you for the visit and mentioning Today’s Flowers. I have already signed up, just don’t remember to post every Sunday.

    Darla, Your flowers were so beautiful .. you have to share!


  5. There’s nothing like the smell of wet dog!! That reminds us….we need to give our doggies baths (JOY!!)
    Have a great weekend!
    Karla & Karrie

    Good luck! I highly-recommend a self-serve dog wash! It saves on the knees, and someone else gets to do the cleanup!


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