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A Dork No More! Watch Out Michael Phelps, Cosmo Can Swim!

I never thought it would happen.  Cosmo swam.  In the lake.  Without the life preserver.  Almost drowned Clover by pushing her under, but in the end it all worked out.  Of course, the Dork only figured out that swimming is fun on the last day of our vacation!

I finally figured out what Cosmo’s problems about swimming were.  1) He was lazy, 2) Clover was too good and he was embarrassed, and 3) He likes sticks better than balls.

On Saturday morning, I took the two mutts out for a run and for a swim at the lake where we were vacationing.  They chased each other about for a few minutes and then Clover headed straight for the water, with Cosmo following on her heels.  She dove into the lake and brought back an abandoned throwing stick at which time Cosmo grabbed it and would not drop it for all he was worth.  She chased him for 5 minutes until he finally dropped the thing.  Actually, he went to lift his leg on a bush, and lost his balance and dropped the stick, at which time Clover swooped in, grabbed it up and brought it to me to throw for her.

The light bulb went off.  I had an idea!  I put Clover on the lead and made her sit tight, while I tossed the stick for Cosmo.  He was tentative at first, but without Clover shoving him out of the way, and showing off her swimming prowess, he must have bucked up his confidence.  One, two, three!  Splash, sink, pop up, splash some more, and then low and behold! Cosmo exhibited his swimming skills.  Ok.  Not as accomplished as Clover, and with a whole lot of splashing about, his first time out he swam about 20 feet from the shore and grabbed that stick! turned for shore! and swam back to me with a grin on his face!  Kind of like “Hey! Mom! Will ‘ya look at me! I can swim!”

The rest of the morning session and later that afternoon, Cosmo did his best to keep up with Clover.  He about drowned her a couple of times trying to push her under to get the stick away from her.  Another time, he got stuck in the mud and stood there looking at me for help.  (Sorry Buddy, you’re on your own.)

All in all, its not fair to compare the two, but I can’t help it — Clover is the Michael Phelps of the Labrardor Retriever World, and Cosmo, well, he’s more like Eric Moussambani.

Here is Clover showing off:

Clover retrieving the tennis ball

Cosmo, getting ready to pounce on Clover

Cosmo, trying to drown Clover!

Cosmo, going it alone

Success!  Cosmo really is a Retriever!

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35 thoughts on “A Dork No More! Watch Out Michael Phelps, Cosmo Can Swim!

  1. I LOVE labs. I really do. Our lab Annie is the light of our life. We can’t imagine our life without her. She loves to swim too.

    Your Clover and Cosmo are beautiful! I love the pictures of them swimming. I’m Cosmo finally took the plunge. hehe


  2. Yeah Cosmo! He just didn’t want to show off! LOL!
    I’ve started a new blog and hope you’ll be able to stop by from time to time to say hello!
    Take care!


  3. hi. i saw your blog while looking for information on labrador retrievers. my dog died last month and i’ve always wanted a lab i’m still thinking if i will get one.

    anyway, you’ve got two adorable dogs. i started reading this post and went backwards reading all the way to your first entry. thank you for sharing. :-)


  4. YAY Cosmo!!! Way to go!
    My male Border Collie LOVES the water. My female doesn’t care for it much, and my puppy yelps and screams like you are beating her if you get her wet. hehe


  5. That’s great! Swimming is such great low impact exercise for our furry friends. I have a client Barley who could dive, swim and “retrieve” the problem is she only wants to chase little rocks, and has NO interest in sticks or balls, you know tings she could actually get, very funny.


  6. Oh What Fun! So glad that Cosmo learned to swim…hope he doesn’t think every mud hole in the county is his own private pool, but then there you have it…you can’t have it all! My Lab has an aversion to water…no hunting dog she…
    Congrats on the Post of the Day nomination


  7. Wonderful post!
    I have 3 dogs, one a Labrador too so I can totally relate to how wonderful, and soppy, they are!
    Congratulations on your post of the day nomination! Very well-deserved!!


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