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Ever Wonder What Your Dog Is Thinking?



Goodbye :: Oh no! She’s leaving me! I’m going to faint! Oh my, make her come back! Let me redecorate while she’s away so she’ll be happy when she comes home!  Let me bark at everything that passes in front of our house!  I have to go hide in the closet now.
Cage :: Ain’t never gonna happen, so don’t even go there.
Buddy :: My Person, My Person’s Father – The Old Guy, and Cosmo and Misty.
Magic words ::  Biscuit.
Favorite Food :: I’m a Lab, I’ll eat every thing!  But my absolute fav is hot tea (sugar & milk) with buttered toast.
Tense :: The way I feel when I’m left alone.
Work :: Guarding the house from burglars.
Empty :: My Food Bowl.
Heat wave :: Hate it. I’m wearing a fur coat, after all.


Goodbye :: See ya later! Have fun! I’m going to nap now.
Cage :: I thought we were done with that! Whatsamatter? You don’t trust me all of a sudden?
Buddy :: Clover!
Magic Words :: W*A*L*K
Favorite Food :: Cheese
Tense :: Huh?
Work ::  Squirrel Watcher Am I.
Empty :: Clover’s Brain When She’s Barking.
Heat wave ::  Woohoo!  Get the wading pool out and fill ‘er up!

4 thoughts on “Ever Wonder What Your Dog Is Thinking?

  1. Been away for a bit…I’m just catching up…I LOVE your photos..asp. the puppy one. I can’t believe your Baby likes Tea.

    We just adopted a dog and it’s a whole new world to us…she’s almost 6 so I think she’s training US. The first night in the crate didn’t work out so well..she cried and howled a bit…last night she slept on the couch…probably not the best idea but she was quiet and we all got some sleep.


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