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Poke Weed, Mums and Sad Roses

I finally got my front garden cleaned out and mulched.  A little late for the season, but at least its done and the HOA won’t be dinging me for my “unruly and messy” garden.  I had a weed that was as big as a small tree, and found out later it was Poke Weed.   Now, I need to get a hammer and some long nails to fix the neighbor’s fence.  I was really glad to be able to save the rose bushes and lavender.  We displaced a family of rabbits that had burrowed under the fence, sprayed the tree for caterpillars, and added a new garden totem.

The first three photos, as you can tell, are the before photos.  The others are what things looked like after the work was done.  You can also see the new Garden Totem.  I know y’all know if you “click” on the smaller thumbnail, you can see the pictures in full glory.

My plans for the garden are not ambitious, just some new rose bushes in late-October, and in the Spring a whole lot of flowers.  I’m so glad that we were able to save the lavender plants and a couple of the rose bushes.

New promise to self: I will not let the garden return to seed the way I did before.  Promise.


5 thoughts on “Poke Weed, Mums and Sad Roses

  1. I have to get some wood chips for the front and side of my house…the old ones have disintegrated and it looks horrible! LOL

    Your yard looks very well groomed!


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