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Camera Critters – Clover & Cosmo

This is my all-time favorite photo of my two mutts.  Clover on the left (she’s 7) and Cosmo on the right (he’s almost 3 now).  They’re both hams when the camera comes out and are known to pose for their glamour shots!  They’re my favorite Camera Critters!


29 thoughts on “Camera Critters – Clover & Cosmo

  1. Oh I understand you so well since I live also with two dogs! Labrador Retrievers are great friends, so clever, full of love not only towards their owners but also towards other people! Kisses to Clover and Cosmo from Istanbul/Turkey! Have a nice Sunday! :-)


  2. Strange, they are so attentive, perhaps because they are things moving at the camera that you also can hear.

    Hi Hilde .. I have tried leaving quotes on your blog .. with no luck! I love your photos.


  3. My mum has just pointed this picture out to me.. and says I should pay attention and learn to pose too! She ends up with lots of photos with just a black blur because I don’t sit still very often. Maybe when I’m grown up like Clover and Cosmo I’ll have time to stop bouncing around… well, perhaps not, but I’ll try! Teagan x x (I’m pretty good at retrieving so am I still “just a dog”?)


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