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I Haven’t Been Cooking Much Because My Teeth Hurt

I am in the middle of major dental work, and I really haven’t felt much like cooking anything that needs chewing.  Kind of lets out a few things, doesn’t it?  I’ve got three more weeks, and then I’m done.  Woohoo!  I plan to start up the weekly cooking challenge after the dentist is through inflicting pain on me.

In the meantime, I asked some online friends what their favorite cookbooks were, and why.  Thanks to these friends for providing me with some fodder for the blog today, because, it is raining hard (Tropical Storm Hannah) and I’m housebound until tomorrow!

My favorite cookbook is the The Good Housekeeping Cookbook that my mom got as a wedding gift back in the 1950’s.  Hers is old and falling apart and held together by rubber bands after decades of use.  I was in New Orleans in 1989 and found the same book in mint condition for $5 at a used book store.  It has great nostalgic draw for me, but does have great recipes and easy-to-follow instructions, too.  My other go-to book is the “old” Joy of Cooking which probably sits on every bookshelf in every home in America.  (Great recipe for bagels.)  And, my new favorite is Mark Bittman’s “How to Cook Everything.”

Here are some of favorites that were mentioned.  I’ve given links to Amazon where I could in case anyone wanted to check them out further.  (Not making any money here, just being nice and helpful.)

  • The Good Housekeeping Cookbook by Dorothy B. Marsh (1940’s).  My Favorite!
  • Martha Stewart’s Hors d’Oeuvres – Ofelia said that Hors d’Oeuvres are her favorite meal!
  • Joy of Cooking (1964) by Irma S. Rombauer and Marion Rombauer Becker.  Hands-down this was favored by the majority.  (The “old” one, not the “new” one).
  • Hometown Church/Community Cookbooks – Everyone has a favorite with memories attached.
  • Costco Cookbook – Who knew Costco wrote cookbooks?  Not me!  Do they have recipes for making 25 pounds of frozen shrimp into something yummy? 
  • Weight Watchers’ Cookbooks (There are so many!!)
  • The  Sunday Dinner Cookbook by Phyllis Prokopp (1969).  This was Jen’s favorite.  I think I have a copy somewhere, too.  How can you not love a Sunday Dinner?
  • The Pillsbury Family Cook Book – Definitely a childhood favorite with nostalgic draw for Bruce.
  • The Alice B. Toklas Cook Book – Another Favorite of Bruce’s.  He says the “pot brownies” are very good, and he likes to use recipes from this book for their “shock value.”
  • More-With-Less Mennonite Cookbook by Doris Janzen Longacre.  This is a very interesting book!  I’m going to be looking for a copy for myself.  The book was written to challenge Americans to consume less so others could eat enough, the book has sold an astonishing 830,000 copies since its release in 1976.
  • Searchlight Recipe Books – I had never heard of these books before!  From the 1940’s and handed down from generation to generation.
  • Betty Crocker Cookbook (Red “Pie” Cover, 1970s) – This book is right up there with Joy of Cooking as a favorite go-to book. (p.s.  it also sells well on eBay.)

Other favorites were hometown cookbooks published as fund-raisers by churches and schools.  Another friend is carrying on family traditions by referring to her husband’s grandmother’s hand-written recipes kept safe in a three-ring binder.  She likes to cook granny’s recipes as a surprise for her husband.

And, finally, a whole lot of people are looking to the internet for recipes as you would expect. is a favorite as is The Food Network, along with blogs by accomplished cooks that share recipes and reviews and how-to demonstrations.

If anyone has any other books to share, please post a comment.  You know how we “cookbook collecting fiends” are, we’re always looking for something new!

Ok. Gotta run.  I’ve got a big pot of beef stew on the stove, and must go look for the immersion blender so I can liquify the stew into soup.  Gads! What a waste.  I have one word to share with all of you “FLOSS.”


3 thoughts on “I Haven’t Been Cooking Much Because My Teeth Hurt

  1. I recommend Peg Bracken’s “I Hate to Cook Book.” Not so much for the recipes, they’re not so great. But it’s a good (funny!) read. Hehehehe.

    OK, seriously. I like pretty much any “church lady” cook book. I probably most often use my Better Homes & Gardens book, 1996 edition, or grandma’s Better Crocker, circa 1950-ish, but not so much my 1986 Betty Crocker.

    And I have several different editions of the Joy of Cooking. They’re fun to compare.



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