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GardenTotem #3


Garden Totem # 1 (click for photo)

Garden Totem # 2 (click for photo)

22 thoughts on “GardenTotem #3

  1. isn’t it interesting the things we see when having the camera around our necks? Thanks for stopping by and seeing my son’s picture. I hope you have a great rest of the week.


  2. Ya know…I have been seeing some pretty clever totems here and there…you are having a lot of fun with this aren’t you? LOL

    You’re right Robin … Its amazing how much fun glass junk and a tube of glue can give you!!


  3. So how do you keep the dogs from knocking them over? I would love some garden totems! Btw 2 books read!

    They’re in the front yard .. out of the dogs’ way. They are pretty stable on the bottom, but I’m not taking any chances.


  4. I really like that. Did you make it? Great shadow too.

    Hi Bobbi, Yes, I did make the garden totems. They were great fun to put together with glass from yard sales and thrift stores. All you need is a tube of glue!


  5. I love the fact there’s no snow in the shot, it looks so nice and warm…I’ll just sit here in the sun awhile!


    Sharon, I took that photo in September when it was warm and sunny. Today, its cold and there snow still around waiting to warm up and melt! Can’t wait for Spring!


  6. Who would have thought?! We are so intrigued by the totems….we almost forgot about the shadows!

    They’re so easy to make! Just some thrift store/yardsale glass and a tube of glue! I had great fun putting this one together in the thrift store for a price under $5. One of the shoppers thought I was nuts until she asked what I was doing, and then she started bringing me pieces to try … How fun!


  7. What a great idea..They look beautiful..As far as weeds one can be as bad as I am..Your garden looked is one big weed.
    Happy SSS..


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