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Wordless Wednesday – Bring Back Olympic Tug-of-War!

Tug – of – War at the Summer Olympics – for real – no really – not kidding.

21 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – Bring Back Olympic Tug-of-War!

  1. Very interesting!! I’m going to have to research the history of tug-o-war at the Olympics. Great share!!

    Happy WW!!


  2. Who’d of thought…..
    When I was in the Navy they used to have inter-service (Navy, Army & Airforce) tug-of-war contests & it was all taken very seriously


  3. I’m with you bring it back….heck they have two sports to make up for with the loss of baseball and softball, why not mens and women’s tug of war! Heck, we could start a petition! ;D


  4. Great pictures.
    What strikes me is the stark difference in the mode of dress then and now.
    Amazing…those guys all have clothes on.


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