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Stuff Dogs Like – Sam’s (Not Wal-Mart) Yams Big Boyz

First off – this is not a commercial and no one is paying me to write this. I just want to share a product that my dogs are in love with.

I’ve mentioned before that Clover is a real chewer. I mean, after all, she’s eaten half of a house over the last seven years. When she was a puppy, I was constantly shoving a rawhide bone at her. Unfortunately, the rawhides caused havoc with her constitution, and then caused severe skin issues around the mouth and chin area.

I have bought Nylabones (doesn’t like them too much, not enough flavor?), raw bones the size of a cow (too messy), Booda Bones (like ’em but they don’t last long and they’re expensive).

The nice lady at the pet store where I shop introduced me to Sam’s Yams. Ingredients: Dehydrated Sweet Potato. That’s it. No artificial anything. Just sweet potatoes. Nice orange color, they have a good veggie smell to them, and my dogs love them. And, one of the best things is that they don’t cause any stomach upset, just orange colored poop.

Cosmo likes to play with his food. He flips Sam’s Yams up in the air, catches it, runs around the living room, and after a few minutes will settle down to munch. He keeps an eye out for Clover, because even though she would never swoop down on him and steal his chewie, he doesn’t want to take a chance. Clover gets to business immediately – munch, munch, munch, done!

Sam’s Yams by Front Porch Pets, Inc. You heard it here first or second? or third? or am I late to the dance again? (I thought I would add, these are not Sam’s as in Sam’s Club or Wal-Mart. Click on the link for more info.)

9 thoughts on “Stuff Dogs Like – Sam’s (Not Wal-Mart) Yams Big Boyz

  1. Our KC is very fussy … she only likes dried liver.

    Hi Teena! Yep, my two would love liver too if I gave it to them! I have a recipe somewhere for making your own liver treats … I’ll look for it and post it on the blog later in the week. Thanks for stopping by.


  2. I am going to have to check those out for my two!
    Thanks for sharing and yes I did hear it here first:).


  3. gotta try these we don’t have a Sams but searchng

    Hi Sandy, thanks for stopping by. These are not Sams as in Wal-Mart … there is a link on the blog post .. maybe you could email them and ask where you can buy them locally or you can get them online, too.


  4. My first time to comment on your site – cool site! Just curious, do the yams stain the carpet? I had some treats one time that my dogs loved (years ago, so forgot the name of the treats). When they finished dining on the yumminess, there was a nice orange stain on my carpet. Ugh. Now I’m a just a little suspicious of orange-y dog treats! Carla

    Hi Carla! I don’t blame you for being suspicious … but the color has never come off on my carpet or on the dog’s bed where Clover likes to munch down. Thanks for checking out my blog, too.


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