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Just Peachy!

The votes are counted! The drink is mixed! The cook is drunk! (Only Kidding.)

Here is the recipe that was chosen for last week’s cooking challenge. Not much cooking involved, well, none really. But I did have to peel the peaches and use my measuring cups, sort of.

Will full credit to the author and publisher:

The Passion for Peaches Cookbook
compiled and edited by Gail McPherson
2nd Printing – March 1977
Page 28

Uncle Gary’s Peach Daiquiri Thriller

In a blender mix:

4 or 5 White Hale Peach Havles Pared
1 tablespoon lime juice
10 glub, blub’s Karo light syrup at room temperature
1/2 cup light rum

Serve unstrained in old-fashioned glass.

Comments: This is a wonderful drink summer-time drink. I would, however, drink it all year round if peaches were in season 24/7 x 12. I used Bacardi Rum – because in my house we only drink Bacardi. I couldn’t find my blender, so I smashed the ice cubes and ran the peaches through a sieve then put everything into a cocktail shaker.

This flavorful drink is making my root canal feel absolutely wonderful.


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