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Thrifty Finds & Treasures *8/10/8*

Can someone explain to me the cookbook phenomenon? I have sold or donated about 50 cookbooks in the last couple of weeks. Yesterday, I bought 9 to help fill up the gap in the bookcase. Its a sickness I tell ‘ya.

I only stopped at one yard sale yesterday sort of by accident on the way somewhere else. The amount of junk still left at 4:00 p.m. was amazing. i can only imagine what they started with. And, how much they had to repack and put away.

The only things not pictured are a couple of Avalon Hill games ($2.00 each), a small ceramic flamingo sugar bowl, a couple of free books, and two Farberware knives, all of which I put away before snapping their photos. Oops.

Today’s finds:

6 thoughts on “Thrifty Finds & Treasures *8/10/8*

  1. Nice finds with minimal damage to the wallet. Do we really buy more for others than we do for ourselves sometimes? I think so.


  2. and btw we need to go to Savanah to Paula Deans!!! The line was out the door, and it smelled WONDERFUL!!!!

    I’ll get you one of her cookbooks and you can make dinner. LOL.

    You know, next cooking challenge, you should try it with me. You would have liked the last one … Peach Daiquiri!!!


  3. wow! lots of great stuff again! and guess what? I was at KLINES last night! YUM!

    Oh my! Talk about good ice cream! I’m taking my camera next time so I can remember what it looked like before I inhaled!


  4. LOVE the baking dish…Now that you have all those new cookbooks are you going to be doing more experiments?

    Hi Robin! I’m going to try and make something new each week. I made a great pasta dish for dinner tonight with some of the veggies that I got last weekend.


  5. Thoroughly enjoye your doggy stories. The have such interesting personalities, and you tell the stories so well.

    Hi CrazyCow! Thanks for stopping by and for your. kind words. I enjoyed your blog/photos, too.


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