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Stuff Dogs Like – Visits to the Vet!

I know that a lot of dogs are scared spitless by a visit to the veterinarian, but my two dogs actually like visiting the vets. Go figure.

The two latests visits to the vets, one for Clover and one for Cosmo, = way more than my car payment, five times the amount MY doctor charges for an office visit, and one-third the amount of my mortgage payment. Here’s a piece of advice to all of you out there raising children and hoping that that little cutie will grow up to be a brain surgeon or cardiologist: think dogs and cats and hamsters! Think Veterinarian!

I like the vet practice that I use: its very nearby, the techs and assistants are very nice and helpful, the doctors are all wonderful and competent, and my dogs like visiting them A LOT. If I went back to Day One and added up the money that I’ve spent on vet bills since 2001 when Clover came to live with me, and then more recently when Cosmo moved in, I would faint.

Having a sick dog is a lot like having a sick baby – neither can tell you where it hurts, how bad it hurts, or what the hell they ate to make them that sick. You would think that with the money you’re paying at the vets, that they would be able to figure that out pretty darn quick. Wave some veterinarian magic wand and pronounce, “Don’t worry. Its just a pair of socks. Some castor oil should fix the problem.”

Clover’s latest issues (consistent panting, fast heart beat, watery nose, and some twitching) turned out to be constipation that seems to have been sorted out with an increase of fiber in her diet. Vets: $365, Clover – More Fiber. Vets: Seizures? Tests? MRI? Epilepsy?, Clover: Mucilex and a food change.  (I actually figured this one out myself after noticing that the symptoms stopped after a walk and a poop.  I just hope that I’m right and we can move on to the next issue whatever/whenever.)

Cosmo’s trip to the vet this week – ear infection. $165. Can’t fix that with Mucilex, but I gave him some anyway. Cosmo is such a good patient. When I take out the ear wash and medicine. He will follow me to the chair and put his head in my lap. He never complains.

Whenever we go to the vets, Cosmo is always trying to escape through the door that leads to the “back rooms.” I’ve never figured that one out, except that he must know where they stash the dog treats, because if it were me I would have bad memories of visiting there one winter day intact, and coming out missing a couple of things.

Clover loves the vets because they love her. She can’t get enough attention, and every tech in the place will be slipping her a biscuit/treat from the minute she walks in the door. I’ve had to ask them to not feed her while we’re there .. she’s on a diet!

Speaking of which, both Clover and Cosmo, upon entering the vets offices, head straight for the large scale so they can get weighed-in. They promptly sit down and wait for the announcement which is written into their record by the desk clerk. Cosmo is down 4 pounds to 74, Clover is steady at 75.

One thing that I’m very proud of. My dogs have never started a fight at the vets, they’ve never pissed on the floor or anything else (Clover did throw up a couple of times during one visit), and they’ve never snapped at or bit anyone at the Veterinarians office, no matter what they were trying to stick in their ears or up their butts.

8 thoughts on “Stuff Dogs Like – Visits to the Vet!

  1. How cute..,they seem like they are very obedient and trusting!! Wish my kids would take their meds that easily!!

    Robin! They are pretty obedient and well-behaved, but they have nasty habits like dripping water all over the kitchen floor when they’re drinking, or turning my house into a giant hair ball because of the shedding, LOL. I think I’ll keep ’em, though.


  2. The only one of our animals that ever tried to bite the vet was (believe it or not) sweet little Pooh Bear, who did not like having her temperature taken. Of course, none of them likes to go to the vet, but they manage. Tucker likes going to the chiropractor because he gets all the attention and Dennis just has to sit and watch.


  3. My guys all behave very well at the vet too. They like the attention and fuss they make over them. The treats help


  4. My Frasier sympathises with Cosmo! He has frequent ear infections, which means I get regular practice at washing them out. The vet said that the only thing he can do is surgery to drain the ears, which he would prefer not to do unless we have to. So Frasier gets regular “torture sessions” but he tolerates them usually. Of course, it could be because he knows there is a treat at the end of the treatment!


  5. LOL, so it’s not just my pup that loves going to the vets? While all the other pets are trying to drag their people to front door, mine is trying to greet everyone, get behind the desk to “help out,” and join everyone as they go into an exam room. And all this after many “unpleasant” visits to deal with her various issues. She never complains or holds a grudge. She’s such a sweetie!


  6. I’ve never known a lab that didn’t like going to visit anyone, anytime any place! Such people dogs!!

    Its got to be all about the treats and the attention. LOL. Labs are such transparent dogs. Food/Walk/Food/Pet Me/Food/Sleep on your bed/Food and it goes on and on!!


  7. Hi; I want to shop where you do; that 50 would really be the bomb; had to comment on the vets; mine also love them and always have; when we lived in Ontario; the vets there were spectacular; this is probably why the boys love em; the girls came after but seem to love the vets; even after Bitsy got spayed, she went running back in; her doggie grandma is now our vet as she is really familiar with bullies; she has Bitsy’s dad! AND her sister AND two other bullies! I totally believed that when the vets in Canada put in those chips they added some kind of computer program so that when they need a new boat say, or a new house, or a payment on their kids college tuition ; they would just activate the chip and whoop de doo; my mugs would suddenly have a vet emergency! At least there they had a “deal” when they went in for any one thing; the fee included all subsequent visits for that problem even future recurrences. We even had Pet Care insurance for them both which was really good about paying for things; even with the Murph’s congenital problems; they still paid for tests and visits, and anesthesia to do his surgery. I love the vets; there are a few stinkers out there but we have found a couple of good ones! Also thanks for the kind comments on my blog; Murphy,Niles,Zoey and Bitsy send their doggy love! Also have to tell you that Target has Dog bone shaped baking pans for individual “cupcake bones” and cakes! I found it online; ; Merrie


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