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Wordless Wednesday, or “Hairy Beast Meets Andy Warhol”


23 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday, or “Hairy Beast Meets Andy Warhol”

  1. Don’t see how you find the time. But they turned out wonderful.

    If you have a minute check out the pics of my granddaughters 4th Birthday.


  2. Happy Wordless Wednesday! I love the print! I have done a couple of Warhol style prints for my dog and they make such a neat statement.


  3. What fun! Love your title too. Even multi-colored, hairy beast looks very lovable.

    Thanks! This is a picture of my parents’ dog Misty .. she’s a very hairy beast of a Golden Retriever and the nicest dog.


  4. That face is anything but beastly. Sort of looks embarrassed to have her photo taken.

    Happy WW!

    Personally, I think she was flirting!


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