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Cooking Challenge – Just Peachy!

The peaches are in! They’re here! They’re yummy!

This week’s cooking challenge comes to you from “The Passion for Peaches Cookbook” by Gail McPherson which was printed in 1977.

You choose one recipe for me, and I’ll make it on Sunday, along with printing the recipe, and providing commentary and photos! I used Random to choose the pages, and this is what came up:

The results are in!

I flipped a coin to break the tie.  So Peach Daiquiri it is!

Peach Daiquiri 4 33%
No Crust Fresh Peach Pie 4 33%
Fort Valley (Peach) Parfaits 3 25%
Peachy Grapevine Salad 1 8%
Peach Rum Sauce 0 0%

Check back later today or tomorrow for a (drunken) update!  Thanks to everyone that voted!

5 thoughts on “Cooking Challenge – Just Peachy!

  1. I’m just not sure about a dish made from peaches and grapevines.

    I would like to see that one so I can make an informed decision so there’s my vote.

    Hi Augusto! The actual recipe is a cold gelatin salad with peaches and grapes.


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