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Thrifty Finds – Today’s Treasures *8/2/8*

I took 7 big bags of “stuff” to the favorite thrift this morning to donate, and as usual, I left with two (much smaller) bags of goodies. I then visited my 2nd favorite thrift and found something that I’ve been looking for since forever – a Salt Pig! Woohoo! It doesn’t make up for the fact that last time I brought a donation bag to my favorite thrift, I included a vintage red Furla handbag that I mean to take to the consignment store. Oh well. I looked for it at the thrift today, and it was long gone. I just hope they got more than $50 for it .. because it was worth way more than that. Sigh.

I also did some retail therapy at Kohl’s (Christmas presents) if I can keep my hands off of them and not use them for myself (designer purses/bags!).

Here are some photos of the thrifty finds for all of my friends wondering if the junk in Northern Virginia is different from the junk in their home towns.

4 thoughts on “Thrifty Finds – Today’s Treasures *8/2/8*

  1. Cool cookbook! I love German food.

    We get stuffed animals from the thrift shop for the dogs to play with and tear up. I dont feel as bad when they tear up a .79 stuffie as i do when they mangle one I paid $14.99 for.

    I’m not sure how I feel about cooking veal … so I may substitute turkey breast if any of the veal recipes are chosen. I’ll post the new poll on Tuesday morning … choice of 5 recipes from this book chosen randomly. (( I’m having wayyyy too much fun with this!! ))


  2. What is a salt pig? I may need one since I like to use kosher salt and keep it in a shallow small dish on the stove. It tends to get moisture in it and I end up replacing it to often.


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