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Stuff Dogs Like – Digging!


It’s fun!
It smells good.
It’s exercise.
It gives a lonely dog something to do.
It makes a nice cool hole where the dog can lie.
Tunneling to make an escape under a fence.
The dog hears something down there and is going to dig until he finds it.
Breed instinct.

Cosmo was never been a big digger, just the occasional superficial attempt to make a hole — just because. Clover, on the other hand, was never a big digger until she met my parents’ dog, and now if left alone in the yard for “too long” she will start her attempt to turn the yard into something akin to the surface of the moon. Clover used to dig in order to remove something: a tree, a rose bush, a flower or weed. Now, if given the chance, she will dig just because she can. Note to my mom: Clover was NOT being spiteful, she was just having some fun.

One of our dogs from long ago, Kelly, dug halfway to China once. There is a photo somewhere of the hole about 3′ x 2′ and so deep that the only thing visible was the tip of Kelly’s tail sticking out of the hole. Kelly liked to dig more than any other dog I have ever known. From the same era, Kelly’s sister, Casey liked to dig, but with a purpose! She was after moles or voles or anything that was beneath her feet. I still shudder at the thought of her little (dead) presents.

I do have another theory. Clover and Cosmo are looking for the Nylabone that Casey and Kelly buried out in the backyard about 15 years ago. Its out there, pups. Go find it!

9 thoughts on “Stuff Dogs Like – Digging!

  1. My saint like to dig too. They would dig up mole tunnels to get at the moles and I had giant craters all over my old yard from their excavation work.

    I can only imagine how big the hole is that a Saint Bernard digs!


  2. hello twobarkingdogs its dennis the vizsla dog hay tell cosmo and clover to keep an eye owt for the gofer broke wile there luking for the nylabone thanks a millyun ok bye

    Hi Dennis, you betcha I will be looking for the Gofer Broke when I’m out there looking for the Nylabone and I was just thinking we might have to launch a joint rescue because those gofers may be holding the bone for ransom and that would be something you could put on your Ninja outfit and we could go “Hunting fer them varmits!” that would be fun you could start in calyforneyaia and I could start in floriday and we might meet up in texass somewhere what do you think? Phew. Your geographically challenged friend Clover “always alert and ready to bark at the gofers”


  3. I feel for you. DD’s beagle (Maggie) tries to dig to China, and my big dog (Frasier) usually helps. My yard frequently looks like a moonscape!


  4. Popping in to say hello….
    DH has been talking about getting a dog…not in the near future though…*I am surrounded by them in this neighborhood so I already feel like I have one or two…LOL!


  5. My Maggie and Sam are the diggers in the family. The ground in our part of AZ is very, very hard and not easy to put a shovel into, but those two are like a couple of jackhammers when it comes to digging in the yard! They dig through this hard, clay filled soil like it was sand! Whenever they are digging I tell Eric it’s just where they want him to plant a tree and they’re just trying to help out! : )



  6. I loved your comment on my blog about Murphy; he is my special little guy. Mine are funny about digging; they are , at least the boys, too lazy to start the dig themselves. If YOU start to dig, to say, plant something, why, they’ll go crazy digging. They just can’t figure out why we don’t want SOOOO much help. The girls refuse to get their “paw-ti-cures messed up ( at least so far:) How are your babies doing with the heat this summer? Tell them hello from their bully friends in Michigan:)


  7. Digging is great. :) All dogs should dig! And have a spot in the backyard just for digging.

    Clover says … You betcha! Digging is fun and exercise and I like it a LOT !! But only in the grandparents yard in Florida … Gotta find that Nylabone!!

    Thanks for stopping by! I enjoyed reading your blog this morning. FlyBall!!! Woohoo!!! Sounds like a lot of fun, do you think you can do flyball in the water?


  8. I LOVE your blog!!!!!!!!! I have just started blogging about my dogs and really been considering changing it a little to include my thoughts as well.

    Your topics are great and love the photos!!

    Thanks for the inspiration and sharing in the fun.



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