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Still Hypermiling (Or, Trying to Anyway)

I have noticed a lot of news reports on TV and in the newspaper recently about hypermiling. Jump on the bandwagon, save some gas money, stretch that $ a little further, sign up a whole bunch more hypermilers. Works for me.

My dream commute would be instead of having HOT Lanes (High Occupancy Toll Lanes — coming soon to a highway near you) or HOV Lanes (High Occupancy Vehicle Lanes) would be a HMO Lane (Hypermilers Only Lane) that way we could all stay in one lane, with a respectful distance between each other, plugging away at 55 mph, getting better gas mileage, and we would all be safe from the speeding, cursing, asinine drivers that think trying to blow you off the road is safe and economical. Idiots all of them.

There is a lot of discussion around D.C. and beyond about going back to a national speed limit of 55 mph. Sign me up! Not only will we save save gas, demand for gas will go down, prices will drop, and local and state police will be raking in speeding fines and therefore they’ll have lots of extra cash on-hand to hire more police officers, then crime will go down, and … well you get the idea.

So, I am still trying to hypermile and have made a conscious effort to employ some hypermile tactics each time I get in the truck. I am not keeping track of my mileage like a lot of other folks are doing, only because I am too lazy. I do know this: I am getting two extra trips to or from work (50 miles) out of one tank of gas.

3 thoughts on “Still Hypermiling (Or, Trying to Anyway)

  1. Hypermiling lanes sound like a good idea. I know HOV lanes are supposed to encourage car-pooling but as far as I can tell all they do is encourage traffic congestion because nobody uses them.


  2. Holy cow! you communte 50 miles each way? I don’t think that I have the patince to hypermile.

    Its 50 miles round trip. So only half as bad. Sorry if I was confusing.


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