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Stuff Dogs Like – Rides in the Car!

dogI don’t think I have ever met a dog that didn’t like taking a ride in a car. Even the ones that get car sick still like to jump into the back seat and go cruising. Let’s go! Wanna go for a ride in the car? These phrases have the ability to make my dogs jump around like idiots because they know that it means a trip in the car. (PS – that dog in the picture isn’t mine. I don’t let my two hang out the window. I’d be afraid that they might fall out which is exactly what happened to my friend Rob’s dog Oscar).

Both Clover and Cosmo are good travelers. They enjoy being in the car for short trips, and tolerate the longer trips because of the reward at the end which is usually my parent’s home in Florida. Clover has been across the Irish Sea on a ferry a couple of times, and has been party to many road trips in Ireland, Wales, England and Scotland. She has traveled the route between Florida and Virginia so many times, I’ve lost count.

Cosmo likes riding in the car; however, he is like the child in the backseat asking “Are we there yet?” Coz will put his head on my left shoulder and sigh in my ear a few times every hour during a long trip. For the first few trips south, Coz was crated in the back of the SUV so I could keep him contained and safe. As he became used to car travel, I shoved him into the backseat with Clover where they co-exist fairly well in a tight space.

I installed one of those soft mesh barriers that go from door to door behind the front seats. It is a wonderful thing and it saved my life once, I’m sure of it. On a trip to Florida two years ago, I was getting off of I-95 to fill up the gas tank, and ran over the rumble strips on the right-hand side of the exit ramp. Cosmo, who was sound asleep at the time, woke up and launched himself into the front seat, most likely to save me from whatever had just attacked the car. He got caught in the net — kind of twisted up in it actually. I am positive if that barrier had not been there, Coz would have hurt himself and/or me in his zeal to protect us from the invisible Rumble Strip Monsters.


5 thoughts on “Stuff Dogs Like – Rides in the Car!

  1. When we first got Dennis he was very reluctant to go into the car, and then once he was in it he was very reluctant to get out again. I think he was afraid we were going to take him somewhere and dump him. Now, though, he’s much more confident and loves going for rides, although he still does occasionally have what we call “flashbacks” when he gets afraid again for a little while.

    On letting dogs hang out of the window, I just always remember the old SNL short film from the dog’s perspective where it walks out to the car, gets in, sticks its head out the window, and watches the scenery go by, then turns to look forward and there’s a telephone pole coming right at the camera. Then there’s a thud and the screen goes black.

    Poor Dennis .. he sure had a rough start in life. He’s a lucky dog to have found you and your wife. I am now going to Youtube to see if I can find the SNL clip.


  2. Well Daisy is one of those dogs that gets carsick! LOL. She seems to enjoy car rides now more than she used to, but I have not taken her on any “road trips”. Bear on the other hand was a well seasoned traveler! She would settle in with her head on my shoulder and enjoy the ride. We traveled from Tahoe to So Calif and back many many times!


  3. Traveling with dogs
    I have two Westies who love/hate traveling. My male dog is the coolest. He relaxes in the front seat in his harness, lays his head on the console and falls instantly asleep. My female is in the back pacing back and forth, whining the whole time. I’ve tried everything except drugs. Toys, a big bed, a kennel. Nothing works. She just stresses herself out every single time.


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