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Thrifty Finds – Today’s Haul

I dropped off 8 big bags and two bins of linens, books, glassware, tchotchkes, and yardsale leftovers to My Favorite Thrift Store on Saturday morning. I love that store. They have lots of good stuff, they run it like a business with very little “picking over” by the staff, and things are priced to move in order to make their charity money. What more could a person ask for?

So, of course, I had to go inside and shop a little after dropping off my donations. How could I not? The first grouping of piggy banks are all gag gifts for Christmas, the apple bowls aren’t marked on the bottom (the guy at the thrift store said they were Federal Glass — don’t think so). They are glass baking/serving dishes.

The wood “bowl” is actually a new chopping board. The price tag on the back said $59 (!!!) – I paid $2.00. I think the idea is that you can chop herbs and vegetables in the bowl side with a rounded chopper (which I just happened to buy at the thrift store a few months ago), and then flip it over to the flat side and use that as a regular chopping surface. The linen napkins are new (and mine now), the little hand blown glass pitcher is exactly like one I bought a few weeks ago in a different color. Woohoo! Another wonderful Pyrex bowl (Butterfly Gold Cinderella Mixing Bowl) and some peachy coasters.

Click on the small photo once or twice for a larger view.


5 thoughts on “Thrifty Finds – Today’s Haul

  1. i LOVE the piggy banks .. Im trying to remember the one I had when we were younger. IT had a little hand that reached out and snatched the money.. cant remember oldzheimers setting in. Great Finds!!!

    Do you think Courtney would like the Victorian House? And, I’m thinking Andrew gets the Busch Gardens one. Christmas here I come!!


  2. So, wait … did you leave with more than what you came with? ;-)

    I think I know the bank that Eileen is referring to. It was a little black box with a ghoulish glow-in-the-dark hand that came out and scraped the money into the slot. At least, that’s what ours looked like. :-)

    LOL. No. I came home with one shopping bag not even filled to the top and easy to carry, too!

    Eileen (my sister) had money stashed all over our bedroom when we were kids. She was a hoarder! The piggy bank was usually empty, but I found a couple of her hiding places (inside the back of the stereo speakers was one).



  3. I really like the paddlewheel piggy bank…and those are awesome napkins! Good haul!!!

    Lisa – that is the one that I’m keeping for myself! The napkins are so nice. My mom loves cloth/linen napkins so I’m thinking about sending them to her.


  4. I love the Victorian House, forget the kids, what about your sister HAHA Anyway, my daughter pilfered the lovely sunglasses, she said they looked better on her then me. I actually loved them but couldn’t deny her… sooooo if you find anymore sunglasses :) Do you ever come across any dentist like banks or dentist paraphernalia ?

    Tell the Brat that she owes me $10 (ok, maybe not) but that was very bold of her! I’ll send you another pair. If I see any dentist stuff, I’ll let you know.


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