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Stuff Dogs Like – Peanut Butter!

Ok. Admit it, right here, right now. You have given a dog a teaspoon of peanut butter just to watch them lick their teeth, smack their lips, flap their tongue back and forth trying to get every last bit of peanut butter stuck to the roof of their mouth, all the while laughing at the silly spectacle.

In my house, it works this way: I have two jars of peanut butter. One for me, and one for the dogs. I like Jif smooth peanut butter (on bread with strawberry jam). Clover and Cosmo get Organic Low-Fat Natural Peanut Butter. Mine? $3.49/jar. Theirs? $6.89/jar.

I take a butter knife and scoop some PB out of the jar and put it in Kongs for the two mutts. Clover will grab the Kong and run like hell to hide from Cosmo because he is always very interested in what she has and in taking it away from her. I read somewhere recently about putting the PB in the Kong and then freezing it. Wouldn’t work with Clover and Cosmo because they have PBJO (Peanut Butter Jar Opening) Radar. As soon as they hear the scraping as I turn the cap off of the jar, they are at my side, noses in the air, tails wagging, and in Cosmo’s case, there’s a little bit of dancing about going on, too.

Thank goodness my dogs don’t have peanut allergies because there really is no substitute. If you want a real laugh, put the PB on some white bread … NOT that I’ve ever done THAT.

11 thoughts on “Stuff Dogs Like – Peanut Butter!

  1. “Stuff Dogs Like”…is a rather long list for my little Sheltie. Of course, she like Peanut Butter, but she also likes, dill pickles, orange slices, popscicles pieces of grapefruit, raw baby carrots, pieces of sliced apples and 101 other things. She also likes to chew gum (sugarless of course)…but gets upset when we make her spit it out. She’s chewed gum for up to 35 minutes at a time.

    The first time we knew she liked dill pickles, was once while on a picnic. My hubby had a couple of those huge dills that you get at the specialty store. We got up to put the burgers on the grill…turned back around…and there she was with one of those pickles under the picnic table. Her mouth is so tiny, that she was just eating it from the middle. I’ve had dogs my entire life, and this is the first one that liked dill pickles.

    I just did my first post on dogs “Bringing Home Your Fur Baby”…in that photo she is a puppy. She is a therapy dog, and as of Aug 2007 an agility champ. Her favorite place to sleep is between my hubby’s pillow. She’s on the small side of the AKC breed standard for a Shetland Sheepdog…and is a bundle of energy!

    Thanks for the great post!


    Michelle, thanks for your comment! How funny about your dog liking pickles. That is hysterical! Ref the chewing gum — make sure it doesn’t have Xylitol in it — because it can be deadly for your dog. Come visit often!


  2. I don’t think we’ve ever given our guys peanut butter in a Kong. We’ll have to try that some time. I think Tucker would like a Kong stuffed with regular butter, but that would probably give him a coronary …

    I used to put cheese in the Kong but it makes them gassy. LOL.


  3. Cats like it too (at least mine does) i seem to recall a cat that loved toothpaste :)

    Baby liked melon, too!


  4. I used to stuff as many little dog bones as I could into the kong. Daisy would toss it around to dislodge them and roscoe would run around to get them. Very entertaining. Daisy basically destroyed the kong. I should get another!

    I gave you an award at my site if you want to go pick it up.

    Woohoo! I love awards – Thanks!!


  5. Hi Twobarkingdogs. I got here through a round about way starting with KitchenLogic and Canyon Cottage. I truly enjoyed your entry about peanut butter in a kong. I’m in charge of two very spoiled German Shepherds that get peanut butter on a fairly regular basis, fed from a spoon no less or sometimes on a cracker. When the jar is empty we cut it in half, making sure there are equal amounts of peanut butter left in each half and then watch them entertain themselves for hours cleaning every molecule from the jar. Daisy will eat ANYTHING just to keep Beau from eating it. The only thing we’ve found so far that Beau won’t eat is broccoli. Come on over to my house sometime – I write about them quite frequently. They actually aren’t our dogs – they belong to our daughter who lives next door and drops them off for doggy daycare every day as she leaves for work.

    Hi! and welcome! Thanks for your comment, too.


  6. Olenadlena…

    I blushed and laughed at the same time reading your post to “Twobarkingdogs”.

    You told of how you let your “two very spoiled German Shepherds” eat peanut butter from a spoon. OMG! I thought I was the only one that did that. My Sheltie “knows” when the peanut butter is on the counter and then waits by the silverware drawer for me to get out a spoon.

    Cutting the empty peanut butter jar in half I hadn’t thought of…but will do so from now on. Even though we only have one dog…she only weighs 14 lbs and I would never want her to stick her whole head in the jar:)

    She also like dill pickles…but won’t eat sweet pickles. She’s a therapy dog…and the best part of that is seeing the joy on the faces of the children (and their Mommy’s & Daddy’s) of the patients see has the opportunity to visit.



  7. my two girls love peanut butter in the kongs! It’s quite a site! I also stuff little bits of dog food (dry) and crumbled up dog treats…keeps them super busy!


  8. I have a pug that I put peanut butter on his nose, but when it gets in that crack right under his smashed face, he can’t get it out so he smears it on the couch to get it out of there; hence I’ve only done it the once – but indeed comical…


  9. I just put up a post of my Sheltie’s unusual behavior the night of the earthquake that hit here in the midwest. I thought you might like to take a peek :)

    Kindest Regards,



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