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Wordless Wednesday, or “Remembering Cool”


14 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday, or “Remembering Cool”

  1. I remember days like this! They’re why we don’t live in New York anymore. ;-)

    Actually days like this are fine. Days where all this stuff fell, on the other hand …


  2. ahhhh…that cooled me off. We just lost power and it was getting hot without any fans etc. I needed that little blast of cool air. Happy WW


  3. Ooo no no no, I’m not ready for that yet!

    After the heat and humidity that we’ve had .. and are going to have … just thinking about a day like this cooled me off!


  4. While I am not all that thrilled with the humidity of the summer, I am SO not ready to go back to THAT. It seems like summer just started 3 weeks ago here in Minnesota.


  5. Oh brr! That certainly reminds me of the cold. It’s almost 90 right now, so that looks quite refreshing!

    Happy WW :)


  6. Beautiful shot; perfect for a hot day like today.
    Makes me wish I could go outside and build a snowman. :)


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