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Stuff Dogs Like – Barfing!

Got your attention, didn’t I? Ok. Maybe they don’t exactly “like” barfing, but they sure know how to do it well.

When Clover was a puppy, she had a very “iffy” constitution. She had the barfing thing down like it was a sport. She’s not as queasy these days, but I must remember “no matter how much she begs, she cannot have table scraps,” as scraps seem to be one of the things that set her delicate stomach off.

Cosmo hardly ever barfs. But, when he does, its usually because he is very very excited, or very very sick. At my parent’s 56th anniversary party this past April, the three dogs (my two and parent’s one) were kept to the yard and the patio so they woudln’t knock all of the old folks over. Cosmo is infatuated with my Aunt Pat, and whenever she is nearby, Coz wants to sit next to her with his head in her lap.

I decided to let Cosmo in the house for a little socialization and so he could greet Aunt Pat. He was so excited to be allowed into the inner sanctum, that he ran into the family room, stopped, looked around at everyone and performed his own version of Linda Blair in the Excorcist. Right there in front of everyone. Thanks Coz.

I had the flu a few years ago and spent a bit of time worshiping the porcelain throne. I sat on the floor, propped up by Clover on one side, and Cosmo on the other. What good dogs. Now, if I could only get them to worship the throne when they’re sick.

Note to self: Call and make appointment with Stanley Steamer.

8 thoughts on “Stuff Dogs Like – Barfing!

  1. What a great idea…I’m sure you could train them to barf into the toilet…or just lead by example…how cute that they were right there..probably much less annoying than someone standing on the other side of the bathroom door asking you if you’re going to be okay…LOL


  2. DD’s beagle Maggie just got the floor under my chair. If you ever figure out how to train them to use the throne, let me know!


  3. Our dogs prefer barfing on carpet. They will actually run from tile (easily cleaned) to shag (not so much) to yak up whatever it is they ate but shouldn’t have. Ah, good times …


  4. OMG and it was really really gross!!!! I totally lost my apatite after that. I sware I’ll never forget that, here comes Coz,, wag wag wag BARFFFFFFFFFFFFF ROFLMAO :)

    You have to admit that his timing was impeccable!


  5. You totally cracked me up with this post…my cat must think that she is a dog, because barfing is one of her favorite pasttimes. Susan

    TBD says : I’ll give you ONE guess as to what I stepped in this morning when I got out of bed all bleary eyed and on my way to the bathroom? Yep! Barf! Like I’ve said before, I love my dogs, some days more than others.


  6. This whole thing seems so incredulous to me. I didn’t know dogs could be such barfers! I totally LOL-ed at your Linda Blair Exorcist scene!

    Hi Margaret, thanks for your visit. Can’t wait to check out your blog! Come back and visit often!


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