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Stuff Dogs Like – Fetch!

Fetch is a game usually played with a dog. An object, such as a stick or ball, is thrown a moderate distance away from the animal, and it is the animal’s objective to grab and retrieve it. Many times, the owner of the animal will say “Fetch” to the animal before or after throwing the object.

Well. Sure. That’s the way its supposed to be. The person throws something and the dog runs after it and brings it back to the person. If you’re lucky, the dog will even drop it at your feet. Some dogs like to do this over and over and over again. Just ask my sister. She had a English Springer Spaniel by the name of Riley once. Riley was a little “off” in his mental capacity, but he did like to play fetch. On one occasion, my sister threw the ball for the dog 198 times in one session. If her pitching arm didn’t conk out on her, who knows how long that dog would have run back and forth for that treasured yellow tennis ball.

Clover really likes to do a water retrieve. Throw a stick or ball or bumper into a body of water, and she’s on it. This dog has chased down an errant frisbee in the Irish Sea and in Loch Lomond in Scotland. (She’s well-traveled.) But on land? It all depends on how she’s feeling at the moment. She prefers to chase a soccer ball and if she can get a hold of it, she’ll fetch that and bring it back. She had a favorite ball for fetch that a another dog at the dog park decided he liked a lot and took it home with him. She hasn’t been the same since.

Cosmo’s training has been spotty. My bad. He’s such a well-behaved dog, having absorbed a lot of his good behavior through osmosis from being around Clover. (Only the good things, thankfully.) He will chase pretty much anything you throw mostly because he likes to run, not that he likes to fetch and retrieve. The biggest problem with Coz is that he won’t bring the thrown item back!

Last year, we spent a week at a super place in North Carolina with a cabin on a lake. Cosmo would only go so far with the fetch/retrieve in the water. Mostly, he would wait for Clover to swim out, retrieve the ball/bumper/stick and when she got back to the edge of the pond, where Cosmo lay in wait for her, he would pounce on her, knock her under the water, wait for the item to pop to the surface. At that point he would grab the item, jump out of the pond, and run towards me as if he was going to return it to me, but most often he ran off into the field hoping someone would chase him.

Little thief.

5 thoughts on “Stuff Dogs Like – Fetch!

  1. Our dogs have never been into fetch, until Dennis came along. He loves fetch and will play until he’s exhausted, except when he’s not in the mood — then he’ll fetch once, take the toy, and go in the house.

    Too bad about Clover’s toy being stolen. Time to call in the DBI (Dog Bureau of Investigation)!


  2. Daisy loves to play fetchwith her red kong ball. Every night she greats me when I get home with the ball and the look on her face “is it time to play ball?”

    The problem with Kong’s in my house is I can never find them. I have three of the large ones somewhere and no one, man or beast, has a clue as to where they are. lol.


  3. I am so in love with Clover and Cosmo!! They remind me so much of Sam and Gillis. Sam would swim across an ocean to fetch anything…and Gill would go half way and then steal it from her too! Funny dogs!!

    Lisa, the best part is that Clover doesn’t seem to mind one bit. I’m so glad that these two get along as well as they do. Cosmo just walked over to Clover and took away a chew bone. She never batted an eye at him, just sighed.


  4. Hi Diane,
    Max looovvveees to fetch. He gets so excited when you grab up one of his toys, and races out to get a head start. But there’s a small wrinkle – he’s never quite understood that he must give you the toy so you can again throw the toy. You have to either catch him off guard or wrestle him for it. And don’t think that means he doesn’t want to play anymore; he will bug you, and pester you, and dare you to grab the toy and throw it again. Oh, and he won’t take “no” for an answer.

    Conny! How the hell are you? Is Max back home with you? or still hanging out with the folks? Cosmo and Clover ask about you all the time (well, you know what I mean) … I owe you a phone call!


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