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Extreme Hypermiling, Illegal?

I’ve always thought that anything taken to the extreme is probably not good. Apparently the police think this way too. In my opinion, common sense is probably the first step in saving gas and boosting gas mileage.

Courtesy of the CBS Morning Show:

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5 thoughts on “Extreme Hypermiling, Illegal?

  1. Wow! That’s funny that they just figured it out. But then again, there’s a lot of silly stuff that’s illegal, for example, in some states, its illegal to drive barefoot. ;)


  2. yea its illegal to drive barefoot here in jersey

    Now, that is something I didn’t know! Now isn’t it strange … a person can’t drive barefoot, but they can drive while talking on the cell phone.


  3. Some of those techniques do sound risky. I’ve always coasted down hills and I try to avoid braking when I could just ease off on the gas, but I’d never dream of shutting off my engine while on the road.


  4. I think I’m a hypermiler by default. Never thought about turning off the car though. I’m so glad to have a name now instead of Slowpoke and Caution!


  5. I came across an article this morning re: Hypermiler, & glad to be reminded. Obviously the barefooting is illegal in MA and personally gross thinking of the gunk from outside at the bottom of my car including the pedals. One can only clean so much.
    Use common sense with this method and save $. Better in my pocket than the oil/gas companies.
    Check out article at news 2008-08-04, “Extreme Hypermiling”. The audio clip is good.


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