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Contest (You) Cajun/Creole Cooking Challenge (Me)

I like to cook. I like to collect cookbooks. I can boil water, mince garlic, chop an onion, make a smooth non-lumpy white sauce, and lumpy mashed potatoes. I can do all of these things on purpose and with purpose. Ok. Great. If that’s the case, then how come I eat as badly as I … Continue reading

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Stuff Dogs Like – Digging!

It’s fun! It smells good. It’s exercise. It gives a lonely dog something to do. It makes a nice cool hole where the dog can lie. Tunneling to make an escape under a fence. The dog hears something down there and is going to dig until he finds it. Breed instinct. Cosmo was never been … Continue reading

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Still Hypermiling (Or, Trying to Anyway)

I have noticed a lot of news reports on TV and in the newspaper recently about hypermiling. Jump on the bandwagon, save some gas money, stretch that $ a little further, sign up a whole bunch more hypermilers. Works for me. My dream commute would be instead of having HOT Lanes (High Occupancy Toll Lanes … Continue reading

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Stuff Dogs Like – Rides in the Car!

I don’t think I have ever met a dog that didn’t like taking a ride in a car. Even the ones that get car sick still like to jump into the back seat and go cruising. Let’s go! Wanna go for a ride in the car? These phrases have the ability to make my dogs … Continue reading

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Thrifty Finds – Today’s Haul

I dropped off 8 big bags and two bins of linens, books, glassware, tchotchkes, and yardsale leftovers to My Favorite Thrift Store on Saturday morning. I love that store. They have lots of good stuff, they run it like a business with very little “picking over” by the staff, and things are priced to move … Continue reading