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Things That Make Herself Bark


  • A slamming door.
  • Hearing another dog bark.
  • Me, if I ask her to.
  • A knock at the door.
  • A door bell – at the front door or on t.v.
  • Anyone that walks in front of our house.
  • The garbage truck when it makes the “backing up ding ding” sound.
  • Cosmo, when he stares her down. Or, if he’s in her “spot.”
  • Farts. Especially hers.
  • Other dogs playing.
  • Church bells.
  • When she’s hungry.
  • Or, when she needs to go out to pee.
  • The pileated woodpecker pecking on the chimney.
  • Sounds the squirrels make when they are sitting in the tree outside the back door.
  • Bagels and cream cheese.
  • Come to think of it, any kind of cheese.
  • When the dishwasher soap dispenser “pops” open during the wash cycle.
  • The phone ringing.
  • The washer and dryer “ding” when the cycles are done.
  • When a pot is boiling on the stove.
  • Live chickens or rabbits or squirrels.
  • The gopher tortoise in Uncle Joe’s yard has the ability to drive Clover completely insane.
  • Construction sounds like saws and hammers.
  • The weekly emergency alert on tv or radio from Emergency Broadcast System or the NOAA radio.
  • The toaster when the bread pops up.
  • Tin foil.
  • Wimbledon (the players that “grunt” when they hit the ball)
  • The pressure cooker.

    Does Anyone Have Cesar Milan’s Home Phone Number?

(originally published in March 2008. After today’s exhibition of lung power and barking noise, I had to re-post this. I was never able to figure out what initiated today’s barking event. Its just that it went on, and on, and on until she was almost hoarse, and I went slightly bonkers from trying to find what was setting her off this time.)

7 thoughts on “Things That Make Herself Bark

  1. I love that picture of Clover…her eyes look so cute. Too funny!!! I really like that she barks at farts!!!!!!! When my Sam used to fart she would look kind of suprised in the general direction of her butt and then get up and walk away! Which I thought was funny…but barking after a fart is pretty darn funny too!! Thanks for the laugh!


  2. Maybe we can get a group discount from Cesar. Roscoes list is similar, but includes the dreaded “chows” that live down the street. They have the capacity to make him absolutley nuts!

    Isn’t it funny what sets off our dogs? Yesterday, I couldn’t get her to stop barking, and I couldn’t figure out what caused all of her upset either.


  3. If you figure out a way to reduce the bark, please let me in on it – Riley is a barker extrordinaire!

    Drugs have helped in the past to eliminate the stress level, but seriously? I wonder if it can be “cured.”


  4. LOL all those things make our dogs bark too! I’d recommend Victoria Stillwell over Ceasar, tho! :)

    I used one of her tactics once and it worked flawlessly. I was glad I paid attention to that show!

    From my original post:

    A couple of months before I started using the Halti on Cosmo, he slipped his collar when we were walking and before I realized it he was running very fast away from me. I almost had a heart attack. When I called his name, he thought I wanted to play, so he started running around in circles and was about to start off for neighborhoods unknown. I remembered something that I had seen on a TV show, and I yelled very loudly something like “whoop whoop whoo” and when he turned around to look at me, I started waving my hands high above my head and kept up with the “whoop whoop whoo.” I definitely caught his attention, and here is the hard part, I turned my back to him and took a couple of steps in the opposite direction from my loose and collarless dog (he is microchipped). I was about to turn around and see if he was still in my zip code, and I felt him at my hand nudging his collar and leash that I had in my hand. I grabbed that dog up, headed home, all the way trying not to hyperventilate.


    • so im seeing the huge list you have posted thats a lot of triggers! :) hahah but my question is i just recently got a german shephard puppy and she is unusually quiet i rarely hear her bark. and im now training her to sit at my back door when she needs to go to the bathroom and i would like her to sit next to the door and bark i have the sitting down but for the life of me i can’t get her to bark! any suggestions?


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