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Stuff Dogs Like – Toys!

If someone walked into my house right now, they would think I was a mother of a couple of spoiled toddlers instead of two Labrador Retrievers. The toys are everywhere!

When I went to bed last night, Clover was in her closet, and Cosmo was on the floor next to the bed. When I woke up (thanks Coz for being my early Sunday morning wake-up call), I had two dogs on the bed, a stuffed Coca-Cola Polar Bear, one flamingo Beanie Baby, and one stuffed pink octopus.

When I came downstairs this morning thinking about a pot of coffee, the weather report of thunderstorms later today and the timing of when I need to give Clover her “crazy pill”, I almost tripped on a stuffed snake toy and a tennis ball.

Ok. I admit my dogs have a lot of toys. They are everywhere. Clover, will on occasion, help me pick toys up and put them in the toy box. Cosmo, however, thinks its a game and as soon as I can put the toys away, he is pulling them out again.

I have one question: Who took the toys out in the middle of the night? because when I went to bed, they were safely snuggled in the toy box!

This is a photo of Clover’s oldest existing, still-stuffed, and much loved “Blue Dog” given to her when she was just a puppy by our friend Mary. Blue Dog is the only toy that Clover WILL NOT allow Cosmo to play with. Blue is pretty fragile these days, and I only give it to Clover once and a while to play with. Mostly, he lives in the downstairs closet hidden away from Cosmo.


6 thoughts on “Stuff Dogs Like – Toys!

  1. My dogs take their toys out of their box, then Frasier takes them outside one by one. Maggie plays with them, Frasier takes them out and she brings them back in. But no matter what I try, I can’t get them to pick up after themselves and put the toys back in the box!


  2. Daisy destroys all her stuffed animals. She even eats tennis balls. I have to buy her Kong balls, they survive. But she has managed to actually chew them up too!!!


  3. My little Rosebud has THAT blue dog! Well, not THAT blue dog, I’m sure, but one exactly like it and just as tired! LOL! I love reading about your dogs. Thanks for the giggles.

    Hi Melly! Thanks for stopping by. Poor old Blue Dog .. I may have to retire him forever soon .. but not until the squeaker quits! Come back often!


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