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Stuff Dogs Like – Sleeping

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Have you ever noticed how easy it is for a dog to fall asleep? They lie down, close their eyes, and within seconds they are sound asleep. A lot of dogs snore worse than some old men I know.

Clover is a very light sleeper, and if I speak to her when she is asleep, she will wag her tail. Come to think of it, Clover wags her tail in her sleep without any prompting from me.

Cosmo is a very sound sleeper to the point of being left behind. It must be very strange for him to wake up in the middle of the night to find that he’s been asleep for hours on the kitchen floor and everyone else has been in bed for hours. Cosmo is also famous for falling asleep sitting up. The first time he did it, he was just a small puppy. He was sitting up, leaning against the sofa, with his head hanging down. Then, all of a sudden, he just crumpled and fell to the floor. Splat! The fall didn’t even wake him.

Do you think dogs dream? I’m pretty sure mine do. Either they are chasing rabbits in their sleep, or they are possessed by some sort of twitching demon. High pitched woofles, tail wagging, feet flailing, and me booting the offending mutt off the bed to do their dreaming where it won’t keep me from my tentative sleep.

There is a famous saying “Let Sleeping Dogs Lie” which is all about leaving things as they are. According to Wikitionary:

let sleeping dogs lie

  1. (idiomatic) To leave things as they are; especially, to avoid restarting or rekindling an old argument; to leave disagreements in the past.
    Eventually, they decided it would be best to let sleeping dogs lie and not discuss the matter any further.


Wouldn’t it be great to be able to sleep like Cosmo? Soundly and without a worry? The occasional dream of successful and friendly pursuits?

I, on the other hand, am on my second week of insomnia. When I finally do get a good sleep, I hope no one wakes me either.

7 thoughts on “Stuff Dogs Like – Sleeping

  1. I think our dogs dream. They whimper, they growl, their legs go like they’re running. I’m not sure if Trouble the kitty dreams, though. If she does, she probably dreams that we don’t have any dogs. Hope you get a good night’s sleep soon!

    I was having difficulty sleeping for a while and a low dose of melatonin seemed to help, though it could just be a placebo effect …


  2. I know bullies dream; ours are very vocal and run like crazy in their dreams. They also like to perfume the environment, if you know what I mean, while they sleep. Thanks for visiting my blog and your nice comments; anytime you’re in our area, please come visit. Then you can experience the country life yourself first hand. Of course you may run screaming back home ( as I am tempted to do myself from time to time! LOL) BTW: my husband has a long commute too; one hour each way, but most of the way there is little traffic. Merrie


  3. I love today’s post! Yes, my dogs dream especially Sprocket. I can imagine him running around chasing the gardeners. When in reality his arthritis is so bad he does a little hop now instead of running.


  4. I think Tinky is the only one of my dogs that dream. She twitches and makes little noises. The other two won’t move a muscle if I move them or pet them while they are asleep…but if there is a strange noise, they are all up and barking at the drop of a hat.


  5. My dogs certainly seem to dream. And they talk in their sleep. Frasier also runs in his sleep. I know what you mean about dog snoring, our Maggie Beagle can be heard in the next county!


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