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Yogi on George Carlin, or “Shut up and Talk”

I remember getting in a lot of trouble with the nuns in grade school after doing an homage to George Carlin and The Seven Dirty Words.

One of my favorite Carlin routines is “Stuff.”  Back in the “old days,” most of Carlin’s routines were considered X-Rated.  Now-a-days, I would be surprised with a PG-13 rating.

Thanks for the laughs George. And, I don’t hold it against you for getting me in trouble with Sister Mary Dennis.

Today’s forecast?  Dark.


6 thoughts on “Yogi on George Carlin, or “Shut up and Talk”

  1. Such a loss, isn’t it? He’ll be missed. I was such a fan of his work “back in the day”. His own quirky logic just seemed to make sense and made me laugh. Gotta love a man who can make ya laugh!


  2. I have loved George Carlin ever since I can remember. I remember his “stuff” sketch.

    Can anyone remember his, “Hippy Dippy Weatherman”? That goes Waaay back.

    George, we’re gonna miss you.


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