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Lookin’ Good Pops!

A long time ago, I gave my dad a paperweight made out of green granite and carved on the side it said:

“A Father Is A Banker Provided By God”

Over the years, this proved very true! Dad is long-retired and now the paperweight sits on top of his dresser.

On the left is a picture of my dad when he was young, and without the many gray hairs my sister and I gave him over the years! On the right, sporting his favorite Black Lab T-Shirt (“Take a Hike”) .. on his 80th birthday last year. Lookin’ good, Pops!


2 thoughts on “Lookin’ Good Pops!

  1. What “ME” give Daddy gray hair! HA! At least he cant blame us on loosing it over us. He still has a great head of hair! And hes the best dad in the world!!!!


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