Whatzit? Contest! And, the Winner is …

Woohoo! Mary (MAM who I think is Mary in Cedar Rapids) got it right! Thanks to everyone that took the chance and made a guess.

It is a Coconut Grater (also used for cabbage, carrots and anything else that needs shredding)!

So, here is June’s Whatzit? Contest Rules:

  • Take a guess! and leave a comment here with what you think this strange thing might be.
  • If there is more than one winning guess … the first person to speak up is the winner.
  • I will post the winner’s name, and notify them by e-mail, and will post the answer to “Whatzit?” on Saturday, June 20 (probably in the afternoon after some yard sales).
  • The winner will get the choice of actually owning the “Whatzit?” or I will be happy to put together a nice big box of books (new/used, all genres, paperback and/or hard covers) as the prize.
  • I know what it is only because there is a label on the back!
  • Here are some hints: its wood and it is about 1.5 inches thick and about 14″ x 8″ in size.
  • You can get a close-up of the surface by clicking on the photo below.


  • I will add a few clues over the week, so don’t get discouraged, by Friday evening, someone should figure it out!
  • You can guess more than once.

Clue # 1 – It is an import. Country of origin is Honduras

Clue # 2 – It is a kitchen / cooking tool


11 thoughts on “Whatzit? Contest! And, the Winner is …

  1. That’s kinda funny…I’m scratching my head…let’s see…some kind of primitive sand paper? A torture device?

    I know! A game where a ball is dropped for the top part through the stones…

    Aw heck…you got me!


  2. Maybe it’s a cat scratcher. It looks like sharp things stickingout form the wood.
    A cat can walk along and rub his body against it. LOL


  3. I don’t know what the little “dots” are made out of .. but they are kind of sharp and pointy. Hope that helps.


  4. I am going to guess it is a board for rolling out dough and making holes in the dough to make some sort of cookies or bread.

    Either that or an old fashun Ped Egg. (Gross)!


  5. It’s clearly a potato peeler :-)

    If I had lil kids I would tell them it was a tooth fairy souvenir board lol.

    I like ped egg…OMG, Shara that is funny!


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